Full 7 round Mock draft

There has been a lot of negative talk  because of the blls latest performances. We need something positive to talk about and nothing positive is coming out of one bills drive .  So I figured  it was time for a  mock draft if just to give us something else to talk about besides   Donald Jones and edwards. Buffalo has 9 draft picks coming upin 2012 thanks to the marshawn lych and lee evans  trade. The lynch trade offer us a conditional draft pick from seattle. It is most likly going to be a 6th round draft pick. If  lynch meets certain performance bench marks right now we will assume he does not meet those  bench marks.  The lee evans trade landed us  a fourth round pick from the baltimore ravens. Right now buffalo's power rankings are around 17 and 16  so we will use that as  them picking in the middle of the round  except for their traded picks My selections will come after the jump. Please remember I also have to go with guys where I can find them ranked and, at this point in the season that is hard to tell.


Round 1:  Robert Griffin III  QB   Baylor height: 6-2 weight: 220

alternate selections: Courtney Upshaw olb alabama 

  Robert Griffin is the arguably the best athelte at quarterback this year.  Griffin has the arm to make all the throws you need of him   at the nfl level.  He has had great decision making skills  his carear  touchdowns to interception ratio is  41-11.  He  has great escapabilty when the pocket breaks down. He was looked at as a  run first quarterback until this year.  Where he has shown he  would rather throw the ball after he escapes then immediatly  run down the  field. He does this by keeping his eyes up field  until he has to run with the ball. He is also  a  smart  person  being  a Six-time member of Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll and two-time Dean's List honoree.  He also graduated from Baylor in December 2010 with a degree in political science three years after enrolling at Baylor. Robert Griffin  is the exact type of  quarterback I believe gailey would love to have.   Robert would also be able to  sit behind  Fitzpatrick and learn and grow as a quarterback for up to three years before he has to start for the buffalo bills.

Round 2:  Vinny Cury  DE Marshall height: 6-2  weight:  276

alternate selection: chase minniefield cb  viriginia

Every one and there mother knows   buffalo  needs  help in the pash rush department.   This years class of pass rushers leads alot to be desired   as a group.  In the mid second round  buffalo should be glad if vinny curry is still there to be picked  up.  While I have not seen curry  in a game  myself only some highlights.  He is boasted as being fast of the ball and strong at the point of attack.  He is still raw  and needs to be developed. He is  listed as having  a smalll rushing reptoire.  He has alot of pontetial and  could  be have a great  future ahead of him in buffalo. His height and weight vary from site to site so we will have to see how he measures out  during the combine.

Round  3  Kendall Wright   WR  Baylor height:5-10  weight:190

alternate selection: Ronell Lewis olb  oklahoma

 Kendall makes alot of  sense  for the bills even if they do not  pick  robert griffin.  Kendall adds an element  to the bills passing game  that  we are truly missing an actual deep threat.  He is not the huge  wide out the bills tipically go far  but  good luck finding  a  6 foot  wide out weighing 220  with 4.4 speed  epsecially in the third round.  He has relaible hands and  he does not slow down when changing direction.   He makes is great at making moves in the open field. If we did select robert griffin  we would of just reunited what was a great  connection at bayor. In three years  when robert griffin is ready to start kendall wright would be entering what is most wide outs break out year.

Round 4  Stephen  Gilmore  CB   South Carolina height: 6-1 weight: 193

alterante selection: Coryell Judie  cb  Texas a&m

Stephen gilmore  is a big corner who is good against the run. He also has  big play abilty and has  improved his ball hawking skills.  He  is big but thought to be a little slow  having a projected 40 time of  in the 4.5 area.  He is smart which is something  that can be useful in your corners.  He has also been successfull at jamming his man when he  is asked to.

Round 4  (lee evans trade)  Coby Fleener  TE Stanford  height: 6-6  weight 247

Alternate selection: Ladarius Green Te  La-Lafayette

Coby is a well rounded tight end  which is what  gailey likes to have.  Coby  is a good route runner and is  good at working the middle of the field. He is also a good run blocker. He could be the second tight end buffalo needs to go back to a more traditional offense.

Round 5  Kyle Wilbur DE/OLB  Wake Forest  height 6-4  weight: 246

alternate selection: Dareus  Nall  DE/olb  Central Florida

 Kyle had   65 tackles last year with 14.5  going for a loss. He also had  6 sacks  and  was tied for second in the  acc for forced  fumbles. He  needs to add some bulk but at this point in the draft that is ok and can sometimes can be expected. He  is coming off a leg injury this season.  Kyle is never going to be  a very dominant  game changing pass rusher. He should be able to develop into a  good  depth player who could possibly start in the future. He  is a consistant player that when he bulks up could be a good consistent player for buffalo

Round 6(lynch trade):  Brandon Boykin CB Georgia height:  5-10  weight: 183

alternate selection: Leonard Johnson  CB Iowa

Brandon is hard to project you can find him projected in the third round  all the way down to the sixth round. brandon is a smaller corner but is fast and  has  good hands.  He returns  kicks and punts and is consider a home run threat when he  does.  He is sometimes  avoided in games to do his excellent coerage on wide recievers. He is not going to excell against the run because he is to small and is not asked to defend the run in georgia. He does do just about everything else for georgia though.  

Round 6: Danny Coale WR  Viriginia tech  height:6-0 weight: 200

alternate selection: Antoine Mclain  OG  Clemson

Danny would be a good late round flyer for the bills. He has  the size buffalo wants in a wide reciever but, he is also fast espescially for his size. he has a 40 time projected in the low 4.4s.  He has not been the ost  productive reciever  but does tend to come through in clutch situations.

Round 7: Mike Ryan  OT Connecticut height: 6-5 weight: 335

alternate selection: David Pickard ot Southern illinois

there is not much to this pick just  a lae round flyer on an offensive linemen with good size. He is headed for the practice squad.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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