A look back at Week 10... What happened to our offense? Part 2

In part 1, we looked at the 1st half and all of the called passes by the Bills offense.  Unfortately only 7 points was put up on the board and 28 were allowed by the defense.  Let's take a look at the 2nd half...  and try and find out what happened

5th Drive

18) 4 man rush, Looks like Cover 1 man, Ware single blocked, spins off of Levitre and crushes Fitz just as he lets go of the ball, good throw to a wide open but stumbling spiller on go route, off his hands.  Luckily roughing the passer called on Ware for the high hit.  Personally they protect the QB's too much, Ware let up on the hit.

19) Cowboys show blitz, Fitz is in an empty set and audibles, cowboys overload to the left but still only rush 4 w. zone behind it, very similar to pass attempt #3 and to what Rex Ryan did week 9, Bills OL messes up the protection and Fitz gets clobbered by a DB from the blindside.   This is the type of creativity on defense that we are sorely missing in obvious pass situations

20) Cowboys rush 5, and looks like zone behind it.  Keep Jackson into block makes all the difference, guy is a stud.  Fitz hits Jones on the curl for 8 and get a first down

21) And we are now into Hero mode for Fitz.  You can kinda tell when he starts to do too much when he is looking to run quickly.  Cowboys rushed only 4, he had ok protection and he took off up the middle for 5 yards very quickly.

22) This was absolutely my favorite play the Bills ran all game and it went for a loss of 2.  But it shows that Gailey is still a creative mind when it comes to offensive football.  This was a combination play by the Bills.  They had 4 WR, 3 to the right and 1 to the left w/ Jackson in the back field.  They ran quick curls to the right and Fitz quickly looks at them, but they are covered so then Jackson and the lineman release for a screen left.  I thought more was there for Jackson if he just kept going outside, but the Cowboy DB made a good play and our OL were a bit slow getting there.  Really popular play in college football right now... almost an option pass play, you throw the stick (quick hook) if it's there, if not you drop back a bit farther and throw the screen.  See for a more in-depth look at this type of play

23) 4 man rush, empty backfield, double slants, complete to Johnson for 6, might be the play where he hurts his shoulder.  Safety sits on the short pass and really delivers the hit

24) 4th down play, have to go for it here down 21, again a deep ball on 3rd/4th and short.  Interesting coverage by the cowboys here.  Nelson is double covered (bracketed) short and the other safety is over the top of Johnson.  Everyone else is man to man.  Tough catch for Jones, but this is the NFL and WR's have to make plays when they get both hands on the football.  Similar to the play Dez Bryant made on McKelvin in the 1st half, but Jones can't make the play

Drive 6

25) Still down 21, 1st and 5 after an offsides, Cowboys rush only 4, can't really tell the coverage Cover 2 zone maybe.. Jones gets wide open on the deep post and Fitz misses him... grumble

26) Rush 5 blitzing the slot corner, he is unblocked but Fitz quickly throws to Johnson running the quick in.  Dallas safety comes up and makes a great play holding the Bills to a 2 yard gain on a play that should have went for more.  On this play were the slot runs up the field and the WR runs quickly under, teams are really jumping the quick in, the skinny post by the WR is definitely open.  Watch for it this week against Miami

27) 4 man rush, cover 2 man, jackson check-releases.  Fitz senses pressure too quick and gets happy feet when he can't get the ball to Jones right away (he was open) ends up rolling a bit and completing it to him, but Jones had to work back to Fitz and is short of the marker now.

Drive 7

28) Sad play here... Corner blitz is picked up by the Bills OL very nicely 5 on 5, Cowboys playing zone behind it, Fitz waits for Jones to come open across the field, takes a hit, throws off his back foot, but the throw was there and it was again off of Jones hands.  Gets picked by Newman, even worse on the return Wood tears his ACL.

Drive 8

29) In garbage time here... man coverage, playaction pass, good fake, LB's get sucked up, good throw, slant right through Johnson's hands... good for at least 10 maybe 15 if he catches it

30) 3 man rush, Tampa 2 by the cowboys, good throw by Fitz over the CB who is sitting short and in front of the safety playing deep along the right sideline to Jones.  Gain of 18.  Next play Jackson fumbles and ends the drive

Drive 9

31) Pick 6 for the cowboys... Cowboys show double A gap blitz but back out and only rush 4 playing Cover 3 behind it.  Not quite sure what Fitz sees here, as Newman never really gets too deep and just sits on the Curl and takes it the other way.  By far the worst play of the game by Fitz in a game despite the score, he really hasn't played that badly in my opinion.

Drive 10

32) Cover 1 man, rush 5, quick slant to Johnson who drops the ball, but gets bailed out by the DPI.  Johnson's shoulder is really bothering him, but he is playing through it in a 44-7 game, can't understand why he is out there

33) Playaction to Chandler for a gain of 1.  Good defense by the Cowboys.  But Fitz is awfully slow on playaction after fakes, might be why we don't run it more

34) Rush 4, cowboys playing garbage time defense, just giving up underneath stuff.  Curl complete to Nelson for 8

35) Cowboys bring the Blitz and rush 6 w/ press man coverage, great throw and over the shoulder catch by Roosevelt for a gain of 18.  Jones might be faster, but his hands are nothing compared to Roosevelt who if he was a bit faster would be a starter for us

36) Picked off, cowboys rush 4, simple zone behind it, but Jones slips and Ftiz's pass goes right to the DB.  Not sure if it was even that great of a throw by Fitz.  But I like at least that they are going to out patterns more instead of trying to force things in the middle.



1) Blitzes to the left really gave the OL trouble.  Of course this is where all of the shuffling has taken place due to injuries

2) Gailey has done a good job using formations and motion to get his WR's off of jams/press man at the LOS. 

3) Defenses do not respect any kind of deep pattern unless it is long yardage.  Safeties sit the short routes and rarely is there not a robber in the short middle against us

4) Dallas did a great job against our screen passes

5) Noticeable effort by the Bills to throw to the outside when near the goaline

6) I don't think Fitz played as badly as I thought when I first watched it.  When your defense looks as bad as it did, kinda hard to play offense

Against Miami:

1) Gotta run the ball more

2) Playaction is successful when run, but need to quicken Fitz up

3) Throw to the outside more, deep outs

4) Jackson needs to stay in and block more, the left side of the OL had lots of trouble against blitzes.

5) Jones needs to catch the football


That's all... comments/thoughts welcomed.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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