The rough road home, we could catch a break!!

Well it has been a rough two weeks watching our Bills lose as of late. The good news is This team is still a contender for a playoff spot. I do believe this team will end up with 10 wins on the season, and a playoff oppertunity would be a great thing for this team. The following is how I see the Bills getting to that long awaited place.

IMO the Stealers, Ravens, Houston, and whoever wins the AFC West division are pretty much locks for the playoffs. That leaves the Bills, NE, Tennesee, and the Bengals contending for the remaining two spots. NE is the odds on favorite for winning the AFC East with the Bills having a long shot at winning the title in the season finale. Either way NE ends up with a 11-5 or better record good enough for a playoff lock. This leaves the Bills, Tennesee, and the Bengals fighting for the last wildcard spot. The Titans I dont believe will end up with more than nine wins on the year and that will pretty much take them out of the fight. That leaves the Bills and the Bengals. I cant emphasise enough how much our loss to them earlier in the year is hurting us now. IF there is a team in the league to root against at this point it is the Bengals. In order for the Bills to make the playoffs we have to win our division or we need this team to end up at 9-7. This is not going to be easy considering they are currently 6-3. The bad news is that they play three teams that currently have less then three wins(Cleveland, Arizona, and Rams). On the other hand they also play the Ravens twice, the steelers, and Houston. The bottom line is unless we can win our division we need for the Bengals to lose four of their remaing games, and us to go 10-6 in order for us to make the playoffs.

Buffalo @ Miami: MY prediction (WIN) This is a must win for this team. Not only numbers wise(there are only a few games in this schedule that can be considered high win potentials and at this point we cant afford to lose any of them), but it would also have a huge negative affect psychologicaly on the players if we dont win this game. You have to win these games to make the playoffs.

Buffalo @ Jets: My prediction (LOSE) I had this as a must win also until the Jets lost last night to the Broncos. This game is still a needed win, but I think the Jets just really hurt their playoff prospects. I just dont see them winning 5 of the next 6 games, and 9-7 just wont cut it this year. The bills need to win this game, but if they do loose they can stil make the playoffs by beating Miami twice, Denver, SD, and one of their games against Tennesee, or NE. This is no cake walk, but IMO we could catch a break from NE in our last game of the regular season. More about that in a minute.

Tennesee @ Buffalo: My prediction (WIN) This game is not a must win either, but a win here would have two very positive affects. One it would help eliminate Tennesee from the playoff picture. Secondly even if we lost to the Jets in the previous week it would put us at 7-5 with SD, Miami, and Denver as our next three games, giving us a legit shot at playing for the division title against NE in the season finale if NE stumbles a little along the way. Wow that would be awsome!!!

Buffalo @ SD: My prediction (WIN) This game is not a must win if we beat either the Jets or Tenesee in the previous weeks, but if we lose this game or any others the rest of the way we would then need to win out, and with the chargers on a late season slide (losing thier last four games) This would be a great game for us to pick up a win.

Miami @ Buffalo: My prediction (WIN) This game is not a must win just like the previous week, but with ten wins as the goal we cant lose the easy ones. No rest for the weary when you are alway one unexpected loss from missing the post seazon.

Denver @ Buffalo: My prediction (WIN) If we make it to this point with a 9-5 record that would be great. The Broncos at home should give us another win, and a end of the season shot at winning the division in our game with NE next week, but if we did happen to lose to Denver or any (one) of the above games that I have us predicted to win then this is where I think we catch a break in the final game of the season.

Buffalo @ NE : My prediction (WIN/LOSE) This is it guys this is what we have been wanting for years. I think the division title could come down to this game. I predict we come into this game at 10-5 one game back of NE at 11-4. This game will be for all the marbles so to speak, winner takes the division, loser gets a wildcard spot maybee. I think we match up good with NE, but this is a tough win on the road with this young team. Win or lose it would be great for this team to be there with a shot at the division title.

The good break, more good news, if we end up with a 9-6 record going into our last game with NE because we droped one of the games above that I have us winning then NE will more then likely sit there starters in preperations for a superbowl run. This would then give us a good chance at a second win against NE on the year and a 10-6 record with a wildcard spot(with some help from the Bengals), probably the same spot as the loser of the more meaningful division title game mentioned above.

Guys this team is not as good as the top ten power rankings we were getting earlier in the year, but not as bad as what we have seen in the last two weeks. Its the time of year that we will see just how far our Bills have come. Buckle up its going to be a rough ride home!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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