DeeElAres Overly Detailed Bills/Jets Prediction!



First Quarter: Bills offense is able to run the ball at will on the 24th ranked Jets rush defense, thanks in a large part to the continually high level of Fred Jackson’s play, and the return of one of our LTs. Bills fail to get much pressure on Sanchez, but it doesn’t matter because Sanchez is Sanchez and plays poorly without pressure. At least one interception from Sanchez is very likely, if not more.

End of 1st: Bills 10, Jets 3


Second Quarter: Jets start to take away the short underneath passing game by letting Revis and Cromartie play some bump and run with Stevie and co., Bills try to stretch the field with Chandler/Spiller/Nelson/Whoever isn’t on Revis Island only to have Fitz throw a poor pass down field that gets intercepted. Bills still bottle up the Jets offense, maybe Dareus collapses the pocket once or twice and Sanchez tries to scramble, only to get hit hard by Mr. Moats. Jets add a field goal.

Halftime: Bills 10, Jets 6


Third Quarter: Bills climb on the back of Fred Jackson, lots of runs, and when they start bringing more guys in the box, some little screens and short passes. Sanchez can’t handle the 12th man, throws another pick.

End of 3rd: Bills 17, Jets 9


Fourth Quarter: Jets attempt some last minute heroics after Bills offense stalls a few times, Sanchez leads Jets to one TD, but on the Jets ensuing drive throws a pick six and seals his own fate. Its fandemonium! The Ralph goes wild!!!

End of game: Bills 24, Jets 16


Important Stats:

The Fitzbeard: 19-27, 240 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT

Fred Ex: 25 carries, 170 yds rushing, 1 TD, 5 receptions, 70 yds receiving.


Sanchez: 21-40, 215  yds, 1 TD, 3 INTs

S. Greene: 15 carries, 60 yds rushing,

LDT: 10 carries, 40 yds rushing


Accurate? Completely delusional? Let me know what you think.

OH also, saw some Jets news where Rex Ryan was excited to have Shawn Nelson because he was such a great pass blocker. I don't recall him blocking particularly well, and my most vivid memory of him is letting Ray Lewis take away that ball at the end of the Ravens game last year. Interesting that the Jets are picking up our leftovers, lets see how it turns out. I would like to see nothing more than Fred Jackson destroying Aaron Maybin when he tries to bull rush him. Well, besides a Bills win of course.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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