My Thoughts Part II Defense

Yesterday I did a quick offensive analysis. Helped me clear my thoughts. I'll follow it up with a defensive analysis as I said I would.

The 3-4 needs to STAY. A lot of people saying they should go back to 4-3, which i totally disagree with, we would have the same issues. Also the TOP defense are generally 3-4. I think we need to get a new defensive coordinator. Someone who can scheme up effective blitzes and different packages to confuse an offense. I dont know if wannestedt is the guy though. He is a 4-3 guy, but idk maybe he can. So here it goes:

RDE: Carrington will be the guy. Edwards as the back up, is a good rotation.

NT: Dareus should be the long term guy here. Hes much heavier than Williams and can be a force in the middle for years to come. Troup will be a good guy to rotate in.

LDE: WIlliams should be the guy here. He is lighter than Dareus, but shorter, which is a concern. But i think he would be more effective as an end. I think he is more athletic than Dareus which is a strength at DE. Spencer Johnson is a good rotational guy here.

LOLB: Kelsay is okay here. Batten can rotate in. Moats is undersized, but hes not good at coverage so maybe ILB depth or a pass rushing specialist on 3rd down.

ILB: Barnett. Good addition, better than Poz. Morrison is good depth. White got hurt.  

ILB: Sheppard was a great pick, but we need to add more talent here, late round picks, just to get depth. Davis should be gone after this year.

ROLB: Merriman was a good pick up talent wise. He was good against run and helped create a little push to stop run. He clearly cant stay on the field, maybe he can just be a pass rushing specialist next year or something. But this position is the #1 team need. We should draft 2 OLBs this year. 2 in the first 4 rounds this year.

SS: Wilson Searcy and Scott are all good here.

FS: Byrd is great, I think Corto is the back up which is fine cause wilson can play FS, if byrd goes down.

LCB: Aaron Williams should be the starter here next year. with Rogers backing him up. Maybe Leodis stays and is the back up here.

RCB: McGee if he stays should start, but he has been hurt so often idk about him. We signed drayton for two more years. He should start here, for now. I think we should bring in a good CB from FA and a draft 1 in the first 4 rounds next year.

I think next year the defense if they make some good picks and pick up a couple good guys from FA can be substantially improved from how they are playing now. They were okay in the beginning of the season but injuries killed them this year, along with severe lack of talent at OLB and CB. Next year these things should be addressed. and this unit will start in developing into a great group. NIx did a GREAT job in building this defense from the inside out and now needs to continue that progression.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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