Bills fans need to be Patient and Billieve (Myself included)


Buffalo has been one of the worst teams over the last decade. It has a lot to do with bad coaches and general managers.  Buffalo has a lot of bad drafts that have left the team with not a lot of talent when it comes to Sunday.  When Buddy took over the cupboards where more than bare, the foundation was cracked and the land needed to be cleared.  Buffalo's situation and lack of talent can only really be compared to one team over the last decade.  That is the Detroit lions both teams suffered a lot from bad general managers. General Managers that did almost nothing but put the guy in front of him in an even deep hole. even did a good data points piece a while back about who was the worst team over the last decade. Detroit had Matt Millen and we have had Marv Levy and all the other clowns at general manager.  We both had lots of first round busts from all of Millen’s receivers to Buffalo’s Aaron Maybin.  

  Detroit until recently had the same problem as buffalo faces now.  The team has little elite talent   and that makes it hard to compete on game day.  Detroit had to draft well for three years before they really improved and that included hitting on three high draft picks.  We all know who those guys are Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Ndamukong Suh three highly talented guys that have helped propel their team into success.  Buffalo has picked the big stud defensive lineman that we needed.  Marcell Dareus who is already commanding double teams on Sunday.  When Kyle Williams comes back next season healthy buffalo defensive line will be a force to be reckoned with. Alex Carrington has been coming along nicely and looks to be a possible great draft pick.  Buffalo's defensive line may yet benefit from the injured Kyle Williams. The young lineman will learn the best when they are fighting in the trenches each Sunday.  With the depth they have becoming more experienced the defensive line should be able to rotate and stay fresh on game day.

 Buffalo's  starters  showed they could compete with  best in the leage. The problem we have now is one that we where warned about by Buddy Nix in the past. We lack  depth  on our football team and  experienced depth at that. Most of our depth are rookies or  guys who should not be seeing the field  like Andra Davis. Chan gailey  has even said  that  he  buffalo lacks experienced depth.    Buffalo needs to  keep firing on all cylinders on draft day  like they seem to have done in the last draft. We are missing  elite talent at a few key positions quarterback, wide reciever, and in the pass rush department. Stevie is a  good reciever  but  could  be an elite number two reciever.  I am not sure if  holding down the number one spot is what he will do for the rest of his carear , but  Stevie could really use a good reciever to pair with him  that could take the  safteyoff the top.  Allowing stevie to  burn teams through the middle  of the  field . Stevie  one on one  with most teams second corner is a good match up most weeks.  Their is a good class of receivers coming out this year.  If buffalo  could grab one all depends on where the bills finish on the year.  This upcoming reciever class is  highlighted with  Justin Blackmon and Ashlon Jeffery.     

  Quarterback  is still a postion of need for buffalo. Fitzpatrick is a stop gap and despite the confidence from gailey that is what he is.  Buffalo is still in the market for  a elite franchise level quarterback.  Fitzpatrick contract was structured so that buffalo could still draft a quarterback whenever they want. He is not getting paid so much that you can not  draft a guy and let him sit behind Fitzpatrick. There are a range of talented prospects that really range in what they bring to the table.  Andrew Luck is out of the question but there is still Landry Jones,  Matt Barkley , and RobertGriffin if he comes out for the draft.   Despite  the success of recent quarterbacks playing from the start  sitting a guy can really benefit a guy.  Aaron Rodgers   benefitted from sitting behind Farve for three  years but do not take it from me  take it from  the man himself

    Aaron rodgers on sitting behind Farve via ESPN

“It allowed me to get my body in the kind of shape I wanted to get in. But more importantly to become an expert in our offense and to study defenses. If you talk to those guys you mentioned playing right now in a couple years, they’ll probably say, ‘Man, I didn’treally know anything or know what I was doing as a rookie.’ Because the game just really starts to open up to you after a couple offseasons. You do a lot of self-scout study and you study defense and then you can really I think become a very quick reactor. Those guys getting the experience early, they’ll be able to see a lot of looks. You really start to get that comfort level the more looks you see and the more time you study in the offseason.”


    If we look back at the Detroit lines  it is easy to tell that the bills are still  two  good drafts  from  being competiveweek in week out.  Should Buffalo take a quarterback in the next draft or would it be a better ideato  have the team in order whe he arrives. If buffalo ends up with a high draft pick it may be one of the last good times they have to nab a quarterback. If we let him sit  for a threeyears the team  would be order  and ready for him to take the reins. He would better read defenses and understand the offense plus having the time to get his body into proper shape.

Depth is our other problem and that can be solved in two ways.  One is drafting for depth  in  mid to late rounds  and building them up over years. This takes time but is a very effective way to build up our depth and is a good way to help guarentee long term success. The other way is to sign certain depth players through free agency.  Good depth players are not always avaible  come free agency time. In the long run we have to be patient bills fans.  Buddy and Chan are not trying to rebuild the house that is the Bills. They are  having to build it from the  ground up starting a house from scratch takes alotlonger also.  In the  league today it is what have you done for me latly league Chan and Buddy may not have to time to  compltly build the bills back up if we run them out of town. It is  painful to lose like we have but we have to billieve.

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