The Morning After

No one has ever said that being a Bills fan was easy.  I don't know if that statement could have been any truer than at the end of yesterday's game.

I'm not one for moral victories (I mean seriously, who is?) but I will try to focus on the positives.

- It was good to see the old Fitz back again for the Bills.  No costly mistakes, zero picks, and his throws were pretty accurate yesterday.  Many posters have expressed concerns since he signed the extension, but yesterday was the player we have been waiting to see.  Personally, I loved the way he went right at Revis all day.

- CJ Spiller showed that he is capable of filling in for Fred Jackson.  Don't get me wrong, he has a ways to go, but I thought he was productive enough yesterday to feel confident in him carrying the load the rest of the season.

- Minus the penalty and the late drop, Stevie Johnson had a fantastic game.  He owned Revis Island.  I do realize that the two mistakes were big, but it was good to have #13 back again.

- Brad Smith was very productive yesterday, and looks like a good fit as the #2 receiver the rest of the way.  Great concentration on the TD catch, and hopefully he can continue to be solid alongside Johnson and Nelson the rest of the way.

- While his blocking yesterday was not good at all, Scott Chandler is a great receiving option with sure hands at TE.

- Urbik did a much better job at Center than Levitre.  He probably deserved a little more credit for the improved snaps yesterday.

While I try to focus on the positives, obviously there are too many negatives to ignore.

- Stevie's penalty and celebration was childish, and I hope to never see anything like that from him again.  But some of the criticism he is getting is not warranted.  He messed up, but the squib kick, followed by the Dareus 15-yard penalty were equally as bad.  I still have no idea why the squib kick seemed like a good option.

- Broken record, but there was little pressure on Sanchez yesterday.

- I don't know where Stevie would have ended up if he caught the pass across the middle with 40 seconds left.  I'm guessing it would have put the team inside the 20, but was hard to tell how much closer he would have gotten.

The bottom line is this - the Bills had the ball with 6 minutes left and a 3 point lead.  A 3-and-out deep in Bills territory gave the Jets more than enough time to march down the field.  The defense obviously has to step up there, but the good teams put those games away with a couple of first downs.


Now that I have that off my chest, on to Sunday's game against the Titans.

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