What do you like this weekend? - Week 9

I'm a day early on this...I won't be able to get to a computer tomorrow (and don't want to write it from a phone).  So let's get to it.  First of all - got some great conversation going in the comments section last week!  Let's keep that up.

To recap - I didn't do so hot last weekend...but that's why it's called gambling.  I've been on a good streak this year and you're always gonna have a losing week. 

BUF-5.5: (W) - What a game

CAR-3.5: (L) - Needed that field goal at the end of the game to at least give the opportunity for the unlikely OT TD to cover.

NO-13.5: (L) - This was a dumb bet...I should have known better.  It was a busch league move...I hope nobody played this on my suggestion.  If so, I am deeply sorry and will make it up to you this week with some good picks.

DET-3: (W) - I told you, folks!  Vegas throws a bone once in a while...bite it when they do.

PIT+3: (W) - However, I went off of my original Pit bet and went Over 52 for a big fat (L)

SEA+3: (L) - Tough one here

DAL@PHI OVER 49: (L) - TrufflePig, you nailed it man.  Although this game would have covered if Dallas didn't suck.  I did not expect them to be blanked until late in the game.

KC+4: (W) - Number went to 3 for I'm looking at a Push until Rivers fumbles late.  I am fairly certain I woke my neighbors with the screaming, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FUMBLED THAT BALL...YOU (insert appropriate f-word) SUCK!!!"

Other bet: NYG-10 (L).  I went 3-6-0 on the weekend :(

Lines and this weeks plays after the jump.


TB@NO-8.5 O/U50

CLE@HOU-11 O/U41

NYJ@BUF-1.5 O/U44

MIA@KC-4 O/U40

SF@WAS+3.5 O/U38

SEA@DAL-12 O/U44.5

DEN@OAK-9 O/U42.5



NYG@NE-8.5 O/U51

GB@SD+6 O/U51

BAL@PIT-3.5 O/U42


My (early) plays for week 9:

BUF-1.5: Look - I know it looks a bit homerish to keep putting Buffalo on my list; but let's face it, the Bills have covered 6 of 7 spreads this year.  If the oddsmakers continue to underestimate this team, then I have no problem picking them and getting some great value!  I think the Ralph goes insane this weekend and we beat the Jets by 14 points!  If the line stays close to where it is I may even double my bet.

SF-3.5: I watched a professional football team just plain give up last week (like Indy did on Sunday night last week).  SF should come in and hand it to them.

KC-4: This is a tough pick to make...but hear me out.  I know KC is on a short week; and Mia has been keeping games with tougher opponents to within 3.  However, the Chiefs got a huge confidence boost winning at home on Monday night.  I like Arrowhead to be rockin' and the Phins to walk away one week closer to finding out if Andrew Luck is taking his talents to South Beach.

STL+3: I like the Rams to win outright...not just because of last week either.  St. Louis is a better team than they are looking like and at some point here they need to WAKE UP!

GB-6: Speaking of waking up, SD will wake up this week, but waking up after the half in KC only down 10 is one thing...waking up after the half against GB who were awake since opening kickoff and already hung 27 on you is another.

NE-8.5: Tom Brady doesn't lose twice! He certainly won;t lose against the G-Men at home either...I like NE to crush in this game.  The line is moving in this game indicating that the betting public like NYG...keep moving!  I hope it goes down to 7.

I know it's only Thursday, but this is what I like at this point.  Let's comment away and all make some $$$. Good Luck!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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