Author-Mod's Pick'em Week 9



Krytime has begun to leave the pack behind, moving into a 2 game lead over our second place holders here at the halfway mark, Kurupt and RonFromNM. With another 8 weeks to go after this, things could either continue to stay bunched up, or we could see some distance placed soon in the upper ranks.


krytime                 84

Kurupt                  82

Ron                      82

WABillsfan           81

silverstreak           80

Joe P.                  77

poz                      68



Houston, Dallas, and San Fran get the Pick'em seal of approval, while the Bills, Falcons, Raiders, Rams and Steelers are very close to locks as well. Which means that there could be some big swings this week thanks to games like TB vs NO or GB and SD, should be fun!




Game krytime
Kurupt silver WA

Ron Joe P. poz












Game krytime
Kurupt silver WA

Ron Joe P. poz










WABillsfan's Pick Justifications:

Cowboys- I still think Pete Carroll will always be a better college coach than NFL, and a MUCH better college coach than GM!

Chiefs- Dolphins continue to suck for Luck, and discover that most of their fans prefer Geritol to this team. As long as dead man walking Sparano is coaching this team, I'm picking against them.

Buccaneers- I was thinking Saints all the way, and then I just keep seeing images of SJ just cutting through their run D. I know the Bucs don't have an SJ, but man, I'm wondering if the Saints this season have the mental strength to bounce back a week later after an awful game.....

Falcons- They continue to pad their win column with patsies

49ers- Do I really need to spell out why? Fine, John Beck, happy?

Bills- I'm betting good Fitz is here today, and that bad Sanchez makes another appearance this season, also that Rex Ryan finally blows enough hot air he explodes or flies out of the stadium.

Texans- Houston got the job done last week against a much better defensive team, so I'll take them again.

Raiders- Football Messiah finds out that there is no other place in the world like the Black Hole, and he ain't coming out of it again. I would like to note that in the 90s, this was my guilty pleasure late afternoon game every season. Elway against the Raiders was ALWAYS a bloodbath, no matter how good or bad the teams were. You could always count on at least 3 fights and two crazy plays a game, now, now its just a sad little game on par with Arizona vs. St.Louis. Dang it, the old days WERE better, I tell you whippersnappers!

Bengals- I think they are becoming a better team every week, the Dalton-Green connection is going to be sick in a couple of years when they get enough talent around the two of them.

Giants- I think the bad Pats make another appearance, Belicheck is cutting guys left and right DURING the season, which worked before when he had all-pro vets to cover the gaps, he doesn't have those anymore. Giants rush gets to Brady enough, and Cruz cuts through the tissue like pass D the Pats have right now.

Rams- They get two wins this season, here is the other one, heck most D1 FCS schools could beat the 'Cards at this point.

Packers- Mike keeps his troops on track, and no one right now in the NFL is better at putting a foot on the throat of a down opponent than the Pack.

Steelers- I think due to where they playing its a split, but I could see the Steelers losing after such an emotional high game last week. This will be a good old fashioned who blinks first fist fight, hide the women and children and grab a beer, old school football is on Sunday Night!

Bears- I think the Bears just hand it and throw it to Matt Forte on Monday night about 30-40 times, while Philly does the same with McCoy, perhaps the greatest RB FF matchup of all time!


Ron's Pick Justifications:

Dolphins: They're going to win a game. Nay, they must in order to give the Colts the inside track in the Luck Sweepstakes.

Cowboys: Yeah, Dallas is a mess right now but the Seahawks are even worse.

Bucs: The Saints are in some weird free fall and the Bucs have played to the level of their competition allseason....except in San Fran....

49ers: The Redskins were laughably bad against the Bills.

Texans: Don't look now but the Andre Johnson-less Texans are on top of the AFC south and have few quality opponents left this season.

Falcons: The Colts may well transition from Manning to Luck. Bill Polian must be living right because no one gets that lucky.

Bills: I actually see this as a toss up since we don't know which Jets team will show up....or which Fitz for that matter.

Bengals: Cincy's 2011 draft is looking freakin' awesome!

Raiders: Fact #1 Tebow is starting. Fact #2 Oakland isn't in Florida.

Patriots: Giants don't have the defensive backs to implement Pittsburgh's game plan.

Packers: Green Bay may not lose a game outside of the NFC North this season.

Rams: Kolb is gimpy and who is his back up again?

Ravens: Good Flacco made an appearance and won't go into hiding just yet.

Eagles: Cover 2 wasn't built to stop guys like Mike Vick. 


Kurupt's Pick Justifications:

Bills - The Ralph will be a madhouse and I think the team responds. Fred Jackson needs to be huge again and I think the atmosphere will get to Mark Sanchez. Turnovers will help decide this game.

Texans - They are just the much better team and Arian Foster is playing extremely well. I expect another huge game out of him.

Chiefs - Kansas City just keeps playing better and better. Miami will keep this close, but their inability to score will give them loss number 8. I'm glad we got KC early.

Cowboys - Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant finally all click at the same time. I expect heavy doses of DeMarco Murray, but Romo and the passing game will win this one comfortably. It would be nice for the Bills to not have to face a Dallas team on the road after they've lost consecutive games, too.

49ers - I wanted to pick the Redskins because I just can't see SF continuing to win 1pm East Coast games, but John Beck. John Beck. John Beck. John Beck. He is just. so. terrible. If Shanahan goes to Rex Grossman early in this one, they might have a better shot at the upset. 

Saints - New Orleans will not get swept by Tampa, and Drew Brees will not have consecutive poor games. I expect him to click with Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham early and often, with Darren Sproles as the deciding factor. NO wins by at least two TD's.

Falcons - Maybe a trap game for Atlanta, but they are just much better than the winless, hapless Colts. I wouldn't be shocked to see Indy jump out to a 17-0 lead and just collapse late. Julio Jones goes off.

Broncos - What an ugly game. I bet Tim Tebow responds well and has a solid game. Carson Palmer stinks and the Raiders are without Darren McFadden. They need to really ride Michael Bush this week, but I'm not sure it'll be enough. If Tebow can minimize the mistakes and make some plays in the passing game, I think Denver can pull this one out.

Titans - The fading Titans get on track against a good Cincy team. One of these games Chris Johnson has to make a play or two, right?  This could be his last chance this year if he doesn't start playing better football. I think he finally responds and quiets the critics against a really good defense. Andy Dalton will have a tough go of it.

Patriots - As well as the Giants match up against the Patriots, I just don't see New England losing back-to-back games, especially this one at home. This should be a really good game, assuming Eli Manning comes to play. With Hakeem Nicks questionable, I think Victor Cruz will have another monster game.  Too much Tom Brady though. Ugh.

Chargers - Yeah, I can see the upset happening. Regardless of their recent play, San Diego is still a good team. Green Bay's defense is exploitable and I expect Philip Rivers to have a good bounceback game hitting Antonio Gates early and often. GB can't win them all, right?

Rams - Both teams are awful, like really awful. Steven Jackson and Brandon Lloyd are the difference in this one.

Steelers - I'm excited about this game. It's going to be a throwback, slugfest with a ton of trash talking. Should be fun. I expect a big game out of Ray Rice, but Roethlisberger and the home crowd will be the difference.

Eagles - More talk about how great Philly is after this one, though that's still questionable. Vick always seems to play well in primetime and this should be no different. LeSean McCoy continues his assault on opposing defenses while Jay Cutler sulks his way to another poor game.


Krytime's Pick Justifications:

Indy - they're gonna win a game sometime soon.  I'm not crazy about the ATL this year.

New Orleans - Even though I'm picking NO, I can't figure out why this line is so high.  If I were a rook throwing money on games, I'd tease this.  But I'm not, and so I won't.  Staying far, far away from this game.

Houston - Might be my survivor pick of the week.  Still not sold on HOU though.  Could see myself cursing after this one.

NY Jets - Am babysitting my six month old twin nephews for the day while my sis and bil attend the game.  Have the feeling it's just not gonna be my day.  Or the Bills for that matter.

Miami - They're gonna win a game sooner or later.

San Francisco - This has got "ugly & entertaining" written all over it in my book.

Dallas - My 'other' survivor pick of the week.  Also see above.

Oakland - Evil wins.

Cincinnati - Under-appreciated game of the week.

Arizona - Does anyone care?

New England - Payback?

San Diego - Just a hunch.  GB ain't going undefeated.  And undefeated might start here.

Pittsburgh - See NE above.  Payback.

Philadelphia - On a roll like they should have been to start the season.


Silverstreak's Pick Justifications:

Chiefs - Dolphins have been close, and will win a game this year, i
just dont know when, and i dont think its to KC.  Cassel is feeling it
a bit more and dexter is back.

Falcons - Colts still not good enough.  ATL hasnt impressed, but they
shouldnt lose this one.

Saints - everyone has a bad game, and thats what brees had last
sunday, dont look for it to happen two weekends in a row , especially
at home.

Bills - although this could be a toss up. their secondary and fitzy's
prone for errant balls scares me, but im not sure they have enough
offense to keep up.

Cowboys - they might be a mess, but the seahawks still arent a
contender, whereas the cowboys still have the talent to be

Texans - because the other team is cleveland

49ers - although i wouldnt be surprised with an upset here.... but san
fran is playing on fire and washington is the opposite of that

Bengals - although im rooting the other way, i think cincy is on the
way up and ten is on the way down.  that big deal isnt really working
out for ten, i wonder how next year will play out.

Raiders - as much as i like tebow, oakland is a good team this year
and with carson getting more time to learn the playbook i expect them
to come out on top this game.

Pats - the pats can say what they will about losing the SB, they all
remember and want to crush NY, and i think they probably will.  NY was
not convincing in either the Buf game or the dolphin game

Rams - man, talk about the worst game of the week.  a total toss up,
my edge goes to steven jackson over larry fitz, mainly cuz you can
hand the ball to steven and it should work.

Packers - watch the chargers and their child like qb in rivers to
implode a little for the next few weeks.

Steelers - they are at home and want to avenge that terrible week 1
loss.  i dont like that they have a lot of lb's out, but i think
steelers take the edge here

Eagles - they are coming together a bit and realizing that mccoy
should get as many touches as possible.


Joe P.'s Pick Justifications:

Falcons at Colts- The Colts have shown very little life and have nothing to play for. I am sure they will win a game at some point, but I can't take them this week. Falcons should control this game from start to finish. Falcons win easily.



Bucs at Saints-  I can't believe that the Saints will play poorly two weeks in a row, especially at home. Saints win



Browns at Texans Texans at home and are a more talented team.  They should win this game easily. Feels a bit like a trap game, but I can't bring myself to pick the Browns?..hope I don't regret it. Texans win.



Jets at Bills- This is going to be a great game... trench warfare. I hope I can find a way to listen to this one. If Dareus can get Sanchez dirty, the turnovers will come. If the Bills pass rush can't get pressure facing a much better Oline than they played last week, Sanchez will pick them apart. I think the Bills flat out want it more than the Jets do and take the win in a nail biter. Bills win!



Fins at KC- Fins continue to Suck for Luck. KC wins easily



Niners at Skins I would love to picks the Skins in an upset, but Beck was baaaaad. Shanny my not be able to get Luck, but I bet he won't pass on a QB in this draft. Niners win



Hawks at Dallas- Dallas rebounds at home. Cowboys win



Broncos at Raiders- The regression of Tebow continues. Palmer should have learned enough of the offense, at least enough to call a ton of handoffs to McFadden. Raiders win easily.



Bengals at Titians- Johnson just doesn't run with the same intensity since he got paid. The Bengals keep showing signs of improvement. Bengals steal one on the road.



Rams at Cards- Steve Jackson runs it down the Cards throats to make it two in a row for the Rams.



Giants at Pats- The Giants follow the Steelers blueprint. Until I see the Pats secondary show they can cover, any team with a good pass rush has the advantage. Giants shock the Pats at home.  Are we witnessing the end of the Pats?



Packers at Chargers- I don't know what the hell the Chargers were doing vs the Chiefs, but the Packers are not going to make it any easier on them. The Packers are the best team in the NFL. Packers win.



Ravens at Steelers- The Ravens offense is sputtering and the Steelers have had this game circled on their calendar since week 1. Steelers win



Bears at Eagles- Eagles are back on track and have to many weapons for the Bears. Eagles win.



Poz's Pick Justifications:

Bills: Least talked about mistmatch of the week. Mark Sanchez vs the Bills secondary. They have feasted on miscalculations by far more talented QBs this year. He will be in over his head. 

Dallas: Rob Ryan and that defense are too proud to not destroy the Seahawks after last week. 

Houston: The Browns need a running back to actually play. Chris Ogbonnaya doesnt count.

Atlanta - Curtis Painter wont get it done against this far better team.

Miami - Chiefs run ends and Miami doesnt ruin me by blowing up a big lead again.

New Orleans - Drew Brees steps his game back up and spreads the ball on an overrated defense. 

San Francisco - Beck stinks. 

Oakland - Carson Palmer and Michael Bush will keep the chains moving and Palmer has now had two weeks to adjust. He'll be ready. 

Tennessee - Jermaine Gresham out will have an effect on the entire offense trying to keep up as the Titans offense surprises everyone with a big day

St. Louis - they ride the momentum against another poor team. 

New York Giants - The pass rush gets to Brady and the Giants roll over them - yup, I think G-Men win by 2 touchdowns. 

San Diego - Green Bay finally falls as Rivers gets his groove back to atone for that shoulda coulda loss. 

Pittsburgh - The Ravens are overrated and even without three great linebackers, Big Ben and the offense do what Joe Flacco can't. Lee Evans is yet to make an impact and isnt back for this one. 

Chicago - The Eagles are a mirage, I know everyone wants to hop back on that bandwagon but I dont buy it. Bears defense does enough to slow down the offense and Forte and company finish off the game. 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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