Jets game winning TD... What happened

Ughhh... they played so hard, and especially well on offense keeping extra blockers in to negate the Jets pressure packages, while also SJ was able to find a map of Revis Island and escape. But yet again the defense let the team down. This has to be the slowest front 7 in all of football.

What happened on the last Jets TD, why did they score?

Short answer? A DB lost his man

Long answer? Let's take a look...

The Bills are up 24-21, the Jets are driving and it is 2nd and 8 at the Buffalo 16. 1:33 left on the clock



The Jets have 3 WR in the game, Keller at TE and a RB in the backfield. Bills have 3 DL, 2LB (Kelsay and Barnett) and 6 DB's

I don't really care about that much about the routes the Jets run here, I want to look at the Bills defense. Bills have 7 guys in the box on a 2nd and 8 with under 2 minutes left. I don't think they are worried about the run here, so it must be a blitz.

Moats (RE) and Dareus (NT) slant left, while Byrd blitzes around the right (offense's left). Carrington (LE) shoots the RT/RG gap. Barnett ends up blitzing on the play attacking the same LT/LG gap that Moats went through after he goes... I am not sure however if he actually doesn't have the RB in coverage b/c he does not start his rush until the RB picks up Byrd. Scott has the TE in man coverage. The DB in the blue circle has the deep middle. Looks like cover 1 man to me. The real question I have with this is what is Chris Kelsay (circled in yellow) doing? I'm guessing he is supposed to be robbing in the middle of the field, but he literally is useless on this play as he never really gets back into coverage. If he is supposed to have outside contain (a possibility, b/c Carrington attacks inside off the snap) he just totally neglects his assignment.



Here is the 2nd picture, a couple seconds into the play. The light blue circle is where the ball was when it was snapped. As you can see, Carrington has been collapsed. Dareus has gotten no push up the middle. Barnett and Byrd however are able to at least scare Sanchez. But Kelsay is doing God knows what, he is way too close to the LOS to take any kind of crossing route away, and he is in no position to get after the QB or keep any kind of containment on the left side. I literally have no idea what he is doing on this play other than doing nothing. Sanchez gets outside the pocket easily... who had contain? Carrington got blown up, but he did slant inside at the snap, and Kelsay ran towards the middle of the field... either way, no contain allows Sanchez to get outside the pocket and buy time when the Bills had pretty decent coverage.



I've numbered the Jets' eligible receivers so they are easier to see. What ends up happening is the Holmes (#5) gets behind the DB and fakes going across the field, loses his man and goes back to the boundary. Sanchez with nobody in front of him, makes a good throw and that is how it happened.

Again the Bills defense looks slow, sluggish and unimaginative. We do not have pass rushers that can win 1 on 1 battles, therefore we must scheme up pressure. Something Edwards has shown he has been unable to do. They did have a pretty decent gameplan of taking away the slants and ins that the Jets like to throw... but if you can't get to the QB even Mark Sanchez can beat you (sometimes).

It's too bad because I thought the offense had a terrific game plan and played pretty well, all things considered.

Comments and thoughts welcomed.


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