Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 12/13

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 11: Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the Buffalo Bills makes a throw as he is tackled by Travis LaBoy #99 of the San Diego Chargers during the third quarter at Qualcomm Stadium on December 11, 2011 in San Diego, California. The Chargers won 37-10. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Bills DL Troup tells AP he'll have back surgery - BuffaloBills.com
Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Torell Troup has told The Associated Press he will have surgery to repair a "minor fracture'' in his spine.

Inside The Bills | Gailey backs Fitz
"No, none, zero," said Gailey. "We’ve all seen him do it. We know he can do it. I think as soon as we continue to work on getting everybody on the same page I think Fitz would be fine. If that was my biggest problem I don’t think I’d have any problems."

Chan Gailey Monday Update - BuffaloBills.com
Chan Gailey talks about the team's struggles - specifically Ryan Fitzpatrick - and updates injuries.

Dareus aiming to finish strong - BuffaloBills.com
"I feel like I'm getting better and better each week," he said. "I've just got to keep on building on to it. I'm not satisfied. I still have things I want to do better, run fits, pass rush, everything I can do to get us better as a unit."

Inside The Bills | Fitz 1st vs. 2nd half
Suffice to say that Fitzpatrick was better during the first eight games than the last five.

Inside The Bills | Losman could start Miami
"With the Dolphins coming to Buffalo this week there’s a chance there will be a bit more intrigue than initially expected for two teams that are out of the AFC playoff race. That’s because there’s a chance that J.P. Losman may start for Miami on Sunday."

Inside The Bills | Jake Long has back injury
"From Jake Long’s standpoint you guys will get that on Wednesday," said Sparano in his Monday press conference.

Inside The Bills | Sparano on how Losman played
"J.P. did a good job in the game yesterday," Sparano said. "Given the circumstances J.P came into the game and I wouldn’t say we had to throw it. It was still a two score game somewhere in and around there. But obviously had to move the football. There was some things that were happening on that ground that were giving us some chunk plays."

Inside The Bills | Rogers to stay on kick return
"Justin Rogers returning kickoffs was a positive," said Gailey. "I thought that looked good for what he may bring us in the future."

Inside The Bills | Miami’s Bowles named interim coach
"Head coach Chan Gailey when asked if he’s expecting anything different from the Dolphins this week in light of the change said he couldn’t know for sure having never been in this situation in his coaching career where he’s facing a team in their first game with an interim coach."

Inside The Bills | Stevie update
"I think he’ll be fine," said Gailey. "They tried to explain it to me, I don’t understand it but they said they can tape it and it will be just fine."

Inside The Bills | Chandler, Williams updates
"Chandler was seen in the locker room Monday, but still had a noticeable limp. Williams was moving around much more freely in the locker room after film work Monday."

Inside The Bills | Troup to have surgery Friday
"Bills NT Torell Troup is having surgery on his ailing back this Friday. That straight from the player’s twitter account Monday afternoon."

Inside The Bills | Chan understands fan frustration
"I totally understand," he said. "If I were in their shoes… I’m a big Braves fan so I’ve been through it a lot of years. I do understand that part of it. But I do believe we’re on the right track and do believe we can get there. We didn’t get there this year, but I do believe we can get there. I believe we have the personnel people upstairs in place to get it done. I think we’ve got the coaches that can get it done. I think we’ve got the things in place. We’ve just got to keep building. We’re obviously not there, but we showed of a glimpse of what we might be earlier this year."

Inside The Bills | Fitz believes he’ll bounce back
"Now it’s a matter of putting it behind me and going forward. I know these guys still have confidence in me. It’s not the first bad game I’ve ever had and I’m sure there’s going to be more, but I’ve had plenty of good ones and I’ve rebounded from poor performances and that’s what I’m looking to do this week."

Immediate Reactions: San Diego Chargers 37, Buffalo Bills 10 | THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA LIVE
"Lastly… Gross."

Pitoniak: Downward spiral continues for Bills - RochesterHomePage.net
"And now you have to wonder if Buffalo will win another game this year. It would seem that next Sunday's game at the Ralph against a Miami Dolphins team also going nowhere might be the last, best chance of avoiding a nine-game losing skid to end the season."

Is Fitz Becoming Part of Bills Problem? | wgrz.com
"While I still feel Fitzpatrick is not the Bills biggest of many problems, it is becoming more and more difficult to see him as the "franchise qb" he's now being paid to be. Yes, he's physically tough, and we know he's as smart as any signal caller out there."

HAMILTON: We Have To Stop Making Players Stars Before Their Time - WGR 550
"From the time I first saw him at St,John-Fisher I have never waivered. He is a smart quarterback who reads things well, but doesn’t have the tools to be anything more than an average QB. Even this year I thought that when he was doing so well. He has it in him to go on very good streaks and win you some games, but the games like we’ve seen the last six weeks come up way too many times."

Bennett, Smith still feel love from Western New York fans - The Daily News
"Coming to Buffalo, I had great times and made great friends and you couldn’t beat it," said [Leonard] Smith. "It was great to come to Buffalo because they were great fans and if you did what you needed to do, they would be there for you."

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Looks like Bills are throwing in towel
"At this point the Buffalo Bills simply should peel off their jerseys, hang them up and go home. They shouldn’t bother playing their final three games of the season, not show up and forfeit the remaining the remainder of the schedule."

Simply put, Fitzpatrick is Bills' QB - The Buffalo News
"Bills coach Chan Gailey extended an emphatic vote of confidence for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on Monday, despite the team's and quarterback's corresponding tailspins."

Buffalo Bills Replay: How did this team win five games? | Democrat and Chronicle
"This may be our most difficult question to answer all season because right now, based on what we've seen the last six weeks, I don't have a clue how the Bills were 5-2 in the first week of November. At this moment, they are pathetic."

AFC East Power Rankings preview - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"The Bills will continue to drop down ESPN.com’s Power Rankings. Buffalo lost its sixth straight game and was blown out against San Diego. The Bills look like a team that’s run out of answers and run out of gas. Fortunately for Buffalo, the team has a winnable game coming up against Miami at home. That will give the Bills a chance to get back on the winning side."

Seven-step drop: Brady under pressure - AFC East Blog - ESPN
James Walker notes that the Buffalo Bills will miss the playoffs for the 12th consecutive year.

5 Good Stats: Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers - Bolts From The Blue
5 Bad Stats: Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers - Bolts From The Blue

You can pretty much reverse the headlines and get Bills-related content!

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