Should The Bills Bet The Farm For Andrew Luck?

O.K. - hands up - who is sick of watching the Bills?

I've been watching this team forever (hyperbole - 23 years) and this is the first season in which i've just stopped watching games. The defense sucks, Fitzpatrick doesn't know what a pocket is or how to use one and George Edwards is in way over his head.

I think it's time for the Bills to do something drastic - go all Atlanta Falcons on Andrew Luck.

Julio Jones cost the Falcons 2 first round picks, a second round pick and 2 fourth round picks - for a wide receiver. Wouldn't you as a Bills fan be completely fine with the Bills giving up say 3 first round picks 2 second round picks and 2 fifth round picks for Andrew Luck?

First things first - no college player is a given to be great as an NFL player - o.k. that maybe hyperbole too but you know what i'm getting at. I keep hearing time and time again how Luck is the best pro prospect since Peyton Manning - well then go get him. Stop f'in around and get the job done - i'm sick of the suck - i'm sure OBD is sick the suck and if i'm sick of the suck then I know that 100% of Bills fans are sick of the suck too.

As far as the Colts are concerned - they do still have Peyton Manning and could easily have him for a good 3-4 more years - they could use the ammo to go after a few more championship runs with him a the helm. The Colts aren't the 0-16 Lions or Dolphins that have nothing anywhere - the Colts might be willing to play ball here. There are a few problems, namely Bill Polian and his not wanting to help the Bills at all but I think the Colts will at least listen - and the Bills should be talking.

Luck would put fans in the stands and get this team in the right direction immediately. He could learn behind The Brain for a year and then take over. The Bills have invested heavily in defense the past 2 years so they have young talent to work with - rushing the passer remains a concern but there are other ways to address that - Andrew Luck type players come out once a decade.

You want to talk about building through the draft - well Andrew Luck is building through the draft. I don't care if it takes 7 picks - he's still "building through the draft" - just in a different way. Drafting him coupled with a new defensive coordinator and a few shrewd moves for a pass rusher should be high priorities for Buddy and Chan.

So I leave the question to you folks - as Bills fans - should the Bills bet the farm for Andrew Luck?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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