What do you like this weekend? - Week 15

Starting to get back on track here, folks...let's recap last week:

NE-8:(L) - this was a close one! Lost by one point!

DEN-3.5: (L) - another close one...lost by .5

ATL@CAR OVER 47: (W) - Just like I thought it was going to happen...a lot of points!

BUF+7: (L) but I actually did not take this game...backed off completely. Glad I did

NO-3.5: (W)

Other bets: GB-11 (W), SEA-10 (W)...going 4-3-0 on week (counting my original Bills pick). This brings my season to 68-54-6. I am feeling good this week. Already started with a win last night. I feel some luck...we're going to keep this ship sailing smoothly here for the rest of the year. Lines and my picks after the jump.

JAX@ATL-13.5 O/U42

DAL@TB+7 O/U47.5

WAS@NYG-7 O/U46.5

GB@KC+14 O/U46

NO@MIN+7 O/U51

SEA@CHI-3.5 O/U35.5

MIA@BUF no lines yet


TEN@IND+6.5 O/U41.5

CIN@STL+6.5 O/U39.5

DET@OAK+1 O/U47.5

NE@DEN+7.5 O/U46


CLE@ARI-6.5 O/U37

BAL@SD+2.5 O/U44.5

PIT@SF no lines yet

JAX@ATL OVER 42: This is what I played last night...was getting nervous, but a blocked punt later, the over covered.

DAL-7: TB is awful and Dallas need to pull their heads from their backsides in order to keep in pace with the resurgent NYG

NO-7: I know NO isn;t great on the road, but they have to have watched last night and saw an ATL team roll to a hige win...the kind of win that builds confidence going into a critical stretch. A NO win goes a long way to clinching the Division for them.

CAR@HOU OVER 45: It looks just like last week...Cam goes nuts and scores some points on a tough Def. While Carolina's Defense looks like a high school team and let's this young slinger TJ Yates look like Joe Montana

IND+6.5: This may be crazy, but I smell an upset here...Andrew Luck is a lock almost a lock at this point with only Minny and St. Louie still in the running for the #1 pick (both at 2 wins).

BAL-2.5: SD is done...the glory days are over...Norv will be out. On the other side of the field, you have a hungry Baltimore Defense that will lead this team and keep on pace with Pittsburgh!

There you have it, folks! Let's all comment away and make some$ this weekend. Good Luck. Also, I will post thoughts on the Bills Game in the comments once the lines are posted.

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