The Perfect Dual Back Combo

I don't like how everyone is up in arms about how "CJ Spiller isn't a feature back." Especially when you consider that just at the start of last season, and even at the start of this season, everyone was saying that we should have a dual back system. I think that now that CJ is finally coming out of his shell as both a running and receiving threat, we have the perfect situation for that.

Think about it, once Freddy is back next year we could be in line for a killer duo. One that much resembled the Thomas Jones/Jamaal Charles duo from the Chiefs last year. CJ is showing the same flashed that Charles did when he started coming out of his shell 2 seasons ago, and last year showed that he was probably the most valuable back in the NFL not named Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson. Yet Charles, to his own admission, IS NOT A FEATURE BACK.

Now imagine the Jones/Charles duo if Thomas Jones was also good enough to lead the league in rushing. That's the possibility that we have in Freddy in CJ. We have a hard nosed, between the tackles, complete back (rushing, receiving and pass protection) in Freddy. We also have that change of pace, "can take it all the way on any play" back with CJ. Now spread the touches out between both of them, turn our offense into a run first offense and we really have something.

If Chan is smart enough (and I think he is offensively) then I think that our O will much resemble KC's O from last year, where the two back get a combined 30 to 35 touches per game, and the passing game is centered on quick, possession passes. This would maximize the use of our running backs and diminish the effect of our receiving corps that doesn't have a real deep threat.

And perhaps most importantly, much like Matt Castle is in KC, diminish the glaring weaknesses of our QB. Fitzy is not the answer at QB. That's clear. But in a run first, possession passing offense, he can be a very good QB. An offense based around that is much more sustainable than the spread type, pass first, offense that we have been running (mostly unsuccessfully) for most of the year.

You can say that I'm a hopeless optimist if you want, and I'll fully admit to it, but the emergence of Spiller does give us this great option next season.

Added note: I'm not saying that we're going to see a duplicate of KC's offense. After all Charles>Spiller, and Jackson>Thomas. So it would obviously still centre around Freddy as the main back, with CJ going in for a change of pace. As opposed to KC's offense that used Charles as their main back and Thomas for the hard yards and 3rd down situations. But the ability to use both Jackson and Spiller as the focal point of the offense is there.

Here's a poll just for the heck of it.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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