What do you like this weekend? - Week 13

Not bad last week - went 6-4-0 making me 62-43-6 on the season. Let's recap last week:

GB@DET OVER 55.5: (L)

MIA+7: (W)

SF+3: (L)


CAR-3.5: (W)

OAK-3: (W) I really liked this game last week.

NE@PHI OVER 50.5: (W) game went to 51.5 for looked stalled at 51 but got a win in garbage time with a late Philly TD

DEN@SD : OVER 41.5: (L) SD is done...they get no more respect from me

PIT@KC : PIT-10.5: (L)

NYG@NO : NO-7: (W)

Lines and my plays after the jump!


TEN@BUF-2.5 O/U43

IND@NE-20.5 O/U47.5

KC@CHI-7 O/U37.5

DEN@MIN-1.5 O/U37.5


CIN@PIT-6.5 O/U42.5

BAL@CLE+6.5 O/U38

NYJ@WAS+3 O/U38.5


CAR@TB-3 O/U46.5

STL@SF-13.5 O/U38

DAL@ARI+4.5 O/U45.5

GB@NYG+7 O/U52

DET@NO-9 O/U53.5

SD@JAX+3 O/U39

Here are my plays:

PHI-3: I know this is a loss...but this is what I played last night. Thanks a lot, Beastmode!

TEN@BUF OVER 43: I see the Bills continuing with the pass heavy offense (out of necessity) and Stevie Johnson redeems himself with a 2 TD performance to put him back in the good graces of Bills fans everywhere. On the other side of the ball, Chris Johnson will go most of the game without getting a Buffalo fingerprint on his jersey for a lot of Titans points.

OAK+3: again I find myself loving an Oakland team getting points. Oakland has won me some money this year! Here's to them doing it again this Sunday

BAL-6.5: Baltimore needs this win to (potentially) give them a big lead in the division. If the Steelers loose to the Bengals (which is entirely possible...more on that soon) the Ravens will have a game lead.

CIN+6.5: No playing around here...this division is TIGHT Cincy can even everything up here with a win and a Baltimore loss. I like the Bengals to keep this one close and cover the 6.5.

NE-20.5: what the's only money

GB-7: The g-men look terrible.

NO-9: They looked unstoppable at home last week and I think they continue their dominance here

I am toying with a few more I like and will post them in the comments if I decide to roll with them. Ehat do you think? Tell us what you're thinking this weekend and let's all win some $$$. Good Luck!

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