What would make me happy, What would make me sad (Upcoming Draft)

Well, since the Bills have lost so many games in a row, I suppose its time to at least start looking at the possible draft options for April. A big fan of the draft, I honestly don't mind our team losing out, especially since we are missing arguably our best offensive and defensive players. Obviously different players' stocks can rise/fall in the coming months, but I thought I'd give a preliminary rundown.

Picks that would make me happy

- Drafting any of the highly touted QBs. Given that Luck will be out of our range, my first choice as of right now is Barkley. Given our position, we should have a shot at getting Barkley or RG3. Jones is the only questionable pick as of right now, but a strong bowl/ combine performance could change that. If that occurs then there are four QBs teams will be looking at; we should be able to grab at least one.

- Drafting one of the ultimate offensive weapons, and by that, I specifically mean Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon. Blackmon makes sense as it could be argued that a second WR threat could really open up our passing game. Personally I'm not a fan of taking a receiver in the first round, but if we do, I guess it would be nice to get the best one available. As for Richardson, I am aware that we do not need a RB by any stretch. However, because it is Richardson, and because he reminds me so much of Jackson, just younger, I can't help feel, based solely on value, that this would be an acceptable pick. This pick would virtually guarantee that we have a stable of good RBs for the next decade. And just imagine Spiller and Richardson in the same backfield; I could not think of a better power and flash combination. Although it would pain me to do so, we could also trade Jackson for a 2nd/3rd round pick perhaps to justify this selection.

- Drafting an O-Lineman. If Nix were to do the unthinkable and trade up, Kalil is the player that I would hope he would choose. Only in a dream scenario would Kalil fall to where we are picking, but I would have no problem with exchanging first rounders with a 3-5 team (assuming he is still there) and giving up a 2nd or 3rd rounder. As much as people claim Luck as a "lock," I feel that Kalil will just as much be. He would solidify our LT position for the next decade. Just think about not having to worry about that position that has plagued us for years? Kalil is my favorite player so far and I would have no problem trading up to get him. If he is gone however, Jonathan Martin would be a fine consolation prize. Hell, I honestly would not be that upset if we took David Decastro (I really like the Stanford OLine and am less high on Luck than most people specifically for the reason that he gets the chance to play behind a spectacular OLine).

- Defense. If somehow we win more games than we should coming up and somehow end up higher in the draft than I hope, and if this means all the aforementioned players are gone, then I would use the pick on a linebacker or D-Lineman. Obviously Courtney Upshaw would be a great pick due to our lack of an edge rusher, but another player to add to our D-Line would also not be a bad choice (Quinton Coples). If those two were somehow gone as well, then I would spend it on best defensive LB/DL available

Essentially, ANY of those picks would make me happy. I am not a picky person, but these are the

Picks that would make me sad

- Going with a defensive back. I know CB specifically is one of our areas of need, BUT I see no reason why we can't spend the pick in the 2nd/3rd round. Maybe its due to the continuous selection of DBs from the Jauron era, but I would be very sad if we went this route in the draft. To me, the only two CBs we could even think about taking this high up are Claiborne and maybe Kirkpatrick, and I mean I don't know, I just feel we could get a dependable player in the next two rounds, I'd much rather spend this pick somewhere else.

- Michael Floyd or Riley Reiff. By no means are these bad players, and if we were picking in the mid-first round, I would be more than happy taking one of these players. If we are picking in the top 10, however, then by taking one of these players, we are taking a second choice player for the position. By taking one of these players, then we are also not taking another player out there. For example if we take Reiff, we are probably taking him because Kalil and Martin are gone. This means that another player at a top position must still be around. Basically I don't want to take a second-choice player. If we are going to take someone in the top 10, unless he is a QB, I'd like the player to be the best player for that position.

- A tight end. We need a tight end, we just don't need to take him in the first round...

So yes I guess these are my thoughts so far. I by no means am an expert in scouting or anything, just bored with nothing else to do...

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