We Need RG3

Before I start talking about RG3 I'd like to flat out admit that before about a week ago I was against the idea of drafting a QB in the first. Then I realized that we'd again be picking in the top 10, maybe even as early as 6th, so I started doing my research. And I've gotta say, I LOVE THIS KID!

We all know the obvious, he's got a cannon arm, is precise with the ball (more than most realize I think) and does not lose any accuracy on the run, is a good decision maker, and runs a cross between Vick and Tebow. All of that is obvious.

The Bleacher Report does a great early scouting job on him in this link, giving him an 8.85 out of ten. To put that into perspective they list him as their second best prospect (overall) behind Andrew Luck.

But it's not why I love this kid, because let's be honest, there now seems to be one of those types of QB in every draft.Why I love him as our potential franchise QB comes from what I've read about him off the field. He's a team first guy. He's gotten involved in the college community. And perhaps most importantly, has never let any of his success get to his head. Here are just a few quick Youtube links with interviews with him an teammates to show you what I'm talking about.

From 2009, when he was emerging as a star at Baylor:

From 2010, before Baylor's first Bowl game in a long time:

From Spring 2011, ESPN during spring training:

From 2011, after his final game saying that BAYLOR probably won its first Heisman:

From 2011, after learning he'd be a finalist:

From 2011, the interview the night he won the Heisman:

What strikes me about all of these interviews is how he never, and I mean never places the glory on himself, but places it on his team, talks about why he's doing it for his community and how much everything meant for the team and the city of Waco. And did you notice how he never once said I won? Whether it be for a game or the Heisman, it was always WE won and BAYLOR won. That`s an attitude that I LOVE to see and hear, and one that falls perfectly for the type of mindset the Bills and Buffalo needs from a QB.

This kid impresses at every turn. And even though he has yet to declare (he says he wont make a decision until after his Bowl game), if he`s available when we pick, then I think that the bills should jump on him. Heck even if we have to trade up and give up our 2nd or 3rd rounder I think we need to do it. This kid just seems tailor made for Buddy Nix, Chan Gailey, the Bills, and more importantly, the city of Buffalo.

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