A Couple Of Things J2 Looks For In A QB

There is really no hard and fast rule on things you look for when drafting or looking for a QB. However, there are things that I look for that would sway me one way or the other in selecting a QB for my franchise (i'm going to buy the Bills - you can donate at

In college i'd like them to come from a pro offense and have somewhere north of 25 starts while being successful. Those may or may not matter but I figured i'd at least throw those in there because I do look for those in a QB from an experience and scheme standpoint.

1) Accuracy - to me accuracy is almost the number one thing I look for in a QB. There are other things but accuracy is something that can only be taught to a point.

I'm not talking about accuracy in completion percentage either - i'm talking about hitting a WR in the butter zone. Hitting a WR in stride, on the numbers, away from defenders so WR don't take nasty hits and "throwing a WR open". I don't like seeing a WR have to jump 4 feet in the air - they get hurt and they don't get any YAC.

2) Decision Making - every QB makes awful decisions but making smart decisions routinely that keeps your team in the game is vital. You cannot be throwing picks into triple coverage when the game is close - a punt is better. In the NFL games are usually won or lost by a few plays a game (outside of Buffalo, folks) and not making critical errors along the way increases your chances of victory.

3) Pocket Presence - pocket presence is something that doesn't get a lot of attention from fans but it's vitally important to a QB's success. Look at Tom Brady or Peyton Manning (yes, good examples) and see how subtle moves in the pocket extends plays and limits negative plays (sacks and picks).

When a QB has poor pocket presence they are more likely to force the ball because they want to get the ball out of their hands and they also take more sacks (because of said awful pocket presence). You can have a decent offensive line look awful if your QB doesn't understand how to move properly and step up in the pocket.

4) Height - height isn't a prerequisite but it certainly helps. Drew Brees and Doug Flutie are some of my favorite QBs but there are certain throws they cannot make because of their height.

Example - SB Pittsburgh vs Arizona - go look at the throw Ben threw to Santonio Holmes in the back right corner of the end zone and how the ball floated in the air. I know - Nasty!

Ryan Fitzpatrick VS J2's Metrics For QB Success

In a nutshell that's what I look for in a QB. Now, as you read that list think of Ryan Fitzpatrick and how he does in those areas. You may or may not agree with me on what I listed but you might agree that he's pretty awful at 3 of the things I listed (not sure you can be awful on height - but debate if you want to). I didn't specifically go out looking for things that he's not great at because the items I listed I truly feel are vital to a QBs success and i've said that for years.

1) Accuracy - I'm not saying Fitz is inaccurate - but he's pretty much inaccurate - it's not good.

2) Decision making - He consistently throws the ball to spots that leave one scratching their head. His timing is awful too. Why does he throw to the other team when the game is close? Because after a lot of those throws the game isn't close anymore.

3) Pocket Presence - Pretty sure Ryan has awful, awful pocket presence. I see the pocket collapse and all he has to do is step up but instead he bails or runs directly into a defender. There are far less athletic QBs that give their offensive line and WRs time simply because of their pocket presence - something he clearly does not have.

4) I could harp on him for not being tall but there are successful shorter QBs.

To sum what i'm saying up

Anyone have good deductive reasoning skills? Good, because you know that Ryan is really not what I look for in a QB. Not sure that matters to you - but to me - he falls short (no pun because not a big deal most likely) in a lot of areas that I think are critical to future success.

I like the guy and think he could be good with a really solid defense, run game, WR's and offensive line (yes, solid everything around him) but he's a guy that's not going to win you games. He needs a team around him to be successful.

For the record - what i'm also looking for is to win a Super Bowl, not just make the playoffs. While playoffs are fine we want a championship. Why else would the Bills exist were it not for winning the Super Bowl.

Does anyone think that Fitz can win Buffalo a Super Bowl?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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