My biggest issue with Ralph Wilson's comments

There has been a lot of issue taken in the past few days with Ralph Wilson's comments. A lot of that has been a hand wringing that it means the Bills will pass on a franchise signal caller because of his comments relative to Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't think those comments really mean anything (what do you expect an owner to say about his current starting QB?) No, my issue is with something else that Wilson said.

Via the National Post:

Wilson said his only message to fans was "patience" because he projects it’s going to take several more years to build a contender after the team essentially started from scratch two years ago under new general manager Buddy Nix and new coach Chan Gailey.

Now, is there merit to the fact that they "started over"? Yes there is some. But an analysis of major contributors would show that many are holdovers of the old regime: Fitzpatrick, Jackson, Wood, Levitre, Bell, Johnson, K. Williams, Kelsay, Wilson, Byrd, McGee, Moorman, Lindell (before the injury) and I know I'm missing some others. I'm sorry. They overhauled a lot of the roster, but they didn't start from scratch. But, there is an argument to be made, so that part doesn't really bother me, but I think it can be debated about the degree they've "started over".

No, my biggest problem is that Ralph Wilson is asking me for patience. Many commenters keep mentioning a 5 year plan and we need to be patient. I get it and again that is open for debate (although I think 5 years has been pulled out of a hat b/c the team has only said you will see below). I also hope that those people understand why some of us don't want to hear that argument. It's like finger nails on chalk board. Buddy Nix can ask me for patience. Chan Gailey can ask me for patience. I understand when THEY ask for patience, but it still annoys me. But, I've been more than patient with Ralph Wilson. 12 years Mr. Wilson. There has been one factor of stability during that time: you (OK, and for a lot of it, Chris Kelsay). I'm sorry, I'm out of patience for this team. This team has effectively gotten me excited for almost every season opener. Maybe this will be the year they do it. But then, it turns out basically the same. No more. If some feel that being pessimistic about the chances of this team makes me less of a fan, so be it. However, I ALWAYS want the Bills to win. I just expect them not to.

Plus, quit moving the goalposts on me Mr. Wilson. You lose all credibility (via ESPN last October emphasis mine):

Calling himself "a realist," Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson warned it might take as many as three years to rebuild his team, and added drafting a quarterback next year is the club's top priority.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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