Chan's offensive Choice s this season

I like Chan Gailey, just want to get that out of the way. I loved him at the beginning of the season, the "Megamind" nick name seemed fitting after the first 7 or so games. Now, I think I get why Jerry Jones let him go. I know every coach has an offensive philosophy about their team and the players they have. I like that in some ways Chan is very good at using the cards he was dealt and the cards he picked from the pile (I especially like the Oline coaching job this year, man you, the line coach and Nix all deserve some credit for that). You have built some depth and are developing some players there. Another tackle might be good in the early part of the draft though.

But I don't understand.
You have a back, running for 12 yards a carry (on average) in the first quarter (and by the 3rd still 9+ yards) why isn't he your number 1 offensive weapon? Why only 16 or 18 total plays go to him? We had the same situation a few times in the early part of the season with FJ and I didn't get it then either. Look I am happy we won, I am happy the team (the D mostly) showed some improvement and probably saved a coach or 2 from the unemployment line today (although I would credit that on Denver's college style run offense, one dimensionality). You go with what is working Chan! Too many of your calls were are just exasperating as a fan. They make you and your offense predictable and the sets are 99% of reading your offense, what I mean is if I see CJ or Choice in the I behind Fitz, the chances are 99%, it is a run up the middle. And when Freddie was healthy, why couldn't CJ and FJ share the backfield more? We have two very high quality backs, use them please. Together.

It is a hell of a threat to defense against.

I am lost as to why you gave up on Brad Smith in the shotgun on short yardage? I understand we have a little different personnel in there now and some teams picked up on it and stopped it but percentage wise it worked. But you never introduced any variations. Sometimes it was Brad and Corey back there, how about Corey gets the snap (the guy is a downhill bowling ball and why you almost never, never give him a run play is totally beyond me)? How about Brad throws it, and it needn't be a long pass (although we know you like to beat people with long passes in short yardage situations and it worked a lot when Fitz was playing better but the last 7 games?). How many millions are we paying him to be a bad decoy 2nd wr, is that why you brought him in? And of course the title of this, Tashid, Chan I understand having a loyalty but CJ is way better, you know it.

We really NEED to build a more multidimensional running team that can and does use the 2 TE sets and other basic NFL offensive thinking. You have BB in NE* showing you and us all season long how effective 2 TEs are, why can't we copy it a bit (the NFL is a copycat league for a reason)? The funny thing is, I seem to remember seeing it in the NE* game. We should be a balanced football team, frankly right now you throw it off balance with too many pass plays. This team needs to use some more play action too. it will take pressure off Fitz and make the line better, sure it is great on a screen and you use it well for those but it is good for a lot of things. Fitz is good under center too, the line is better than we thought, he should not ALWAYS be in the shot gun. Cudos for getting Fitz out of the pocket a bit the last few games. I wondered about that too. I also think this offense, could be something with the hurry up if you are going to keep it the way it is. Make D substitutions a lot of work for the other teams and use the finesse that the team is seemingly built for.

At the beginning of the year, I never expected our Oline (or TE) to be so good this year, Nix is good at picking up street guys and not wasting draft picks while still (in a way) "building through the draft". I am impressed by that, I can't remember ever having a GM that was good at that. I see him doing it a bit the last few weeks and hope he finds more good players.

I guess, I should address the D too, to be honest my only real opinions about it are that we need to commit to a 3/4 or 4/3scheme. The injuries and combination scheme just killed us this year. I am not sure which one is a better fit (although with our current personnel and coaches, I would guess 4/3). I am not even sure Geo. Edwards needs to go (but feel that he does). What I have seen this year is our O can play well enough to win when our D is good to decent. The injuries killed us and we NEED 2 pass rushers still (I want Shawn M to be one but too many ?s about his health, he will be back in any case next year) we still need to bring 2 in this off season. Raid a good CFL team, draft one and FA another one would be my plan. I think all this playing time that the young guys are getting is great (and some of them have and will continue to step up), don't like the why of it but that is what it is. One thing I do wish is Chan would take more responsibility for the D unit. A few of the pressers this year were disappointing so far as his answers about it. It is his team, he needs to be in charge.

Thanks for reading look forward to your input and Happy Holidays and New Years.

Go Bills!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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