December Mock Draft

Here's the mock having the Bills drafting around 11th overall:

1) CB Dre Kirkpatrick* - Alabama
Alt: WR Michael Floyd, OLB Courtney Upshaw, ILB Luke Kuechly

2) OLB Brandon Jenkins* - Florida State
Alt: CB Stephon Gilmore*, WR Mohamed Sanu, OLB Chase Thomas*

3) WR Dwight Jones - North Carolina
Alt: OLB Frank Alexander, CB Jonathan Banks*, TE Coby Fleener

4) QB Russell Wilson - Wisconsin
Alt: TE Michael Egnew, WR Ryan Broyles, QB Kellen Moore

4) DL Brett Roy - Nevada
Alt: ILB Carmen Messina - New Mexico, FS Trumaine Johnson, OLB Andre Branch

5) TE George Bryan - North Carolina
Alt: SS Kenny Tate, OLB Jacquies Smith, OT Alex Hurst

5) OLB Cordarro Law - Southern Mississippi
Alt: TE Philip Lutzenkirchen, WR Jermaine Kearse, CB D'Anton Lynn

6) FS Jerrell Young - South Florida
Alt: ILB Korey Williams, DL J.R. Sweezy - North Carolina State, OLB Adrian Robinson

7) OT J.B. Shugarts - Ohio State
Alt: WR Patrick Edwards, OG Antoine McClain, SS Sean Cattouse

Now here's the explanation:

For the first round I have the Bills taking CB Dre Kirkpatrick [6-3, 190, 4.46] of Alabama. If given the opportunity, CHIX will be looking to add a big starter at corner given that both Drayton Florence and Leodis McKelvin have given up big plays all season and Terrence McGee is frequently injured. Kirkpatrick has great height and speed and has been a solid run defender and quarterbacks have avoided passing in his direction. Still Kirkpatrick has 16 passes defended, 3 interceptions, 86 tackles and 3 forced fumble accumulated through his career. While this means Buffalo will yet again draft a corner back, this pick is necessary given the Bills current woes all season long at this position.

The other four guys I think the Bills will look at are WR Michael Floyd [6-3, 217, 4.52] of Notre Dame, OLB Courtney Upshaw [6-2, 262, 4.70] of Alabama, ILB Luke Kuechly [6-3, 237, 4.72] of Boston College and QB Robert Griffin III [] of Baylor. Drafting Floyd makes sense given the Bills do not have an established #2 receiver opposite Johnson. Floyd has had an impressive four seasons with the Irish with good speed, height and hands.

The Bills biggest need is outside linebacker. While Upshaw is the best prospect, he hasn't had a single season with double digit sacks and lacks great speed. On the plus side, he can apply constant pressure and is good in run support. Kuechly doesn't represent the biggest need for the Bills but given the slew of good tight ends they struggle to cover, it makes sense to big in the top inside linebacker process. These LBs while the best this class has to offer won't likely make it to the Bills as the talent level at other positions are higher.

With the second round the Bills should take OLB Brandon Jenkins [6-3, 265, 4.69] of Florida State. The Bills need a proven pass rusher and there several that should be available in the second round. Jenkins, though a junior has already accumulated 20.5 sacks, 114 tackles and 35.5 tackles for loss in his career. A combination of good size and speed, Jenkins would like split time with Merriman or Kelsay in the lineup.

A third round sleeper in waiting is WR Dwight Jones [6-4, 225, 4.52]. So far Gailey has experimented with Jones, Nelson, Smith as the #2 wide receiver with inconsistent success. While Easley has potential, he has spent almost all of two seasons on the IR. Jones may not have the best of speed, but has good size. In his senior year, Jones compiled 79 receptions for 1,119 yards and 11 TDs.

In the fourth round, I have the Bills taking Russell Wilson [5-11, 210, 4.59] from Wisconsin. Wilson was a play-maker in three seasons with North Carolina State and continued to do so with better competition in Wisconsin. Given the recent struggles with Fitz and the lack of depth at the position, I would not be surprised if CHIX brings in a player at QB. On the year, Wilson has thrown nearly for 2,900 yards, completing 72% of his passes with 31 TDs to just 3 INTs.

With their other fourth round pick, courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens, I have the Bills pick up DL Brett Roy [6-3, 280, 4.88] of Nevada. It would be beneficial for the Bills to draft an extra lineman for 3-4 DE for depth and to develop given that both starter Dwan Edwards and Spencer Johnson are free agents in 2013. Roy as a two year starter has amassed 109 tackles and 18 sacks in the last two years, but will need to add some weight as a five technique DE with the Bills.

With the Bills fifth round selection, the Bills should target TE George Bryan [6-5, 265, 4.77] of North Carolina. With Scott Chandler, the Bills have a developing starting tight end, but they lack a proven #2 behind him. With the Tar Heels Bryan is a proven receiver and a decent blocker. In his senior year, Bryan caught 30 passes for 302 yards and 4 TDs.

Given Lynch's level of play I'm guesstimating that the Bills will receive a fifth round selection for the trade (it could be higher or lower as I do not know what the terms of the trade were). With this pick, the Bills should take OLB Cordarro Law [6-2, 261, 4.67] of Southern Mississippi to bolster the depth of their struggling OLB corps. Moats will likely shift inside freeing up a spot while Spencer Johnson would be better off returning to the D-Line to provide depth. Law meanwhile has had at least five sacks in each season while recording 7.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles in his senior year.

For their sixth round pick, I'm picking FS Jerrell Young [6-1, 209, 4.57] of South Florida. For much of the 2011 season, the Bills have only had Jairus Byrd at free safety. SS Bryan Scott is set to become a free agent meaning more playing time for SS Da'Norris Searcy. The Bills would do well to bring in a developmental FS in any case. Young has had 93 tackles and 5 interceptions in the past two seasons as a starter.

For my seventh round and final pick I have the Bills taking Josh Oglesby [6-7, 330, 5.38] of Wisconsin. Given the lack of depth at tackle, especially on the right side (especially if Demetrius Bell leaves), Oglesby may have to shift to guard at the next level, but regardless can provide depth to the right side of the O-Line.


With that the Bills roster would look like this:

QB: Fitzpatrick, Wilson
HB: Jackson, Spiller, White, McIntyre
OT: Bell*, Pears, Hairston, Oglesby
OL: Levitre, Wood, Urbik*, Rinehart*, Jasper
TE: Chandler*, Bryan, Smith
WR: Johnson*, Jones, Nelson, Parrish, Easley, Smith
ST: Lindell*, Moorman, Sanborn*
NT: Williams, Troup
DE: Dareus, Carrington, Edwards, Johnson, Roy
OLB: Merriman, Jenkins, Kelsay, Law
ILB: Barnett, Sheppard, Morrison*, White, Moats
CB: Williams, Kirkpatrick, McGee, Rogers, McKelvin
FS: Byrd, Young
SS: Wilson, Searcy, Scott*

Of the notable cuts, I have Drayton Florence, Tyler Thigpen, Donald Jones, Danny Batten, Andra Davis and Reggie Torbor. Florence could be cut even though just re-signed this past off-season for two reasons. First, Drayton has struggled this season giving up big plays and penalties alike. Second, if the Bills draft a first round corner, Florence will likely get relegated to a dime-back but still makes $5 million a season, the most of any corner on the roster. Thigpen though recently signed has struggled in his brief appearances and could lose his spot if the Bills draft a QB.

WR Donald Jones struggled as a starter but could easily return to a reserve slot due to his special teams role as a gunner. Parrish though a free agent will be re-signed if it can be done to bring back the speed aspect to the roster. Easley has better size and speed than Jones and Gailey will want to see his potential first. Unless the Bills are willing to keep seven receivers on the roster, Donald Jones may be the odd man out.

Lastly with regards to the linebackers, OLB Danny Batten has struggled to deliver pass rush throughout the season. If the Bills draft two OLBs this draft, Batten's playing time may be over; but like Moats, Batten could kick inside in turn. Two notable departures also are Andra Davis and Reggie Torbor. Both former starters are free agents, but between Buffalo's salary cutting moves and a lack of production from both players, makes it easier to let these two players go. All these players have had bright spots throughout the year, but I feel these moves will help improve the roster for next season. Please feel free to ask questions about certain draft picks or roster moves.

Go Bills!!

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