offseason wish list and draft

there are a few free agents i hope buddy nix will target  and i am sticking to his philosophy of adding moderately priced free agents  as well


linebacker   kirk morrison he is really good in run support you know the plague we have had forever

offensive tackle jared gaither think we can snag gaither at a good price yes he has back problems but i would sign a tackle with back problems   over a tackle with blocking problems any day

tight end kevin boss  great blocker good redzone target

quarterback  alex smith  yes that alex smith why becuase he will be cheap better than brohm and i dont think buffalo drafts a qb this year

olb thomas howard  very good linebacker and could come cheap will help in run support 

running back kevin smith  i doubt the lions bring him back and he is a definite upgrade over ganther   

defensive end alan branch mcfargo was a healthy scratch his entire career at least branch saw the field

safety donte whitner this is to you wise up you're not an elite safety and you will not get paid like one i think your'e worth 5 mill a year at most i hope you spend this offseason learning how to cover tight ends and play the pass  otherwise you can and will be replaced why here are a few players who can do what you do minus all the twittering

bernard pollard

roy williams

deon grant

george wilson <--- my fav to replace you


now that im off the soap box  on to the draft


pick 3  patrick peterson cb lsu  

shutdown corners dont come often and when you have a chance to snag one do so


pick 34 derrick sherrod ot mississippi st    

yes bell will be the starter in 2011 but he is a free agent next year time will tell if we want him back and its always good to have a backup plan


pick 68 buffalo selects casey matthews ilb oregon

we need to get better at linebacker and matthews is a clear improvement over the castaways we had last year


pick 99 mario harvey ilb marshall

i dont think he will last the second half of the 4th if we want him get him here he is a super run stop linebacker very quick to read the play will be a welcomed addition


pick 125 cedric thorton de south arkansas 

sleeper pick great size for a 3/4 end and a good first step 


pick 131  jermale hines ss ohio state

i doubt whiner will be back and i am fine with that hines will be great depth while the wilson byrd show takes flight


pick 165 zach pianalto te north carolina

gailey wants a blocking te that can also stretch the field here he is


pick 194   bruce miller olb ucf 

project player but who isnt in the 7th round 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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