Let's Clear The Air a Bit

Over the past few days I've seen a ton of Mocks and I've seen a ton of predictions (some more bold then others) so to try and maybe bring some clarity to those predictions I thought I would bring forth the following:

Who do we know the Bills brass is high on/is guaranteed to be in a Bills uniform come week 1.

Shawne Merriman - OLB, Alex Carrington - DE, Torrel Troup - True NT, Kyle Williams - NT/DL, Ryan Fitz - QB, Stevie Johnson - WR, Demetrius Bell - LT, Eric Wood - C/G, Andy Levitre - G, Cj Spiller - RB, Fred Jackson - RB, Chris Kelsay - OLB, Dwan Edwards - DE and Jairus Byrd - FS

So with that list being braught forward I thought I would kind of share some of my insight on how this translates to the draft.

Buddy wants to be a 3-4 defense regardless of whether his personnel is ready for it or not. He wants it, so hes going to make it happen. What does a dominant 3-4 need, well, it needs 4 capable LB if not good to great LBs, it needs a true NT that can eat up guards and centres and fullbacks, and it needs good coverage corners and a SS that can do just about everything.

What do we have?

Well from that list, we have maybe 1 capable if not good LB,

We have an unproven NT.

and thats it, we don't have any coverage corners, and we definatly do not have a do it all SS. So that leaves us with 6 HUGE holes to fill (CB,CB,OLB,ILB,ILB,SS) if we want to become a dominant 3-4.


We could look at the offensive side of the ball and see what it takes to become a dominant offense.

So what do you need in this league to become a dominant offense? Well you need a pretty darn good QB, a solid core of WR and a offensive line that can hold its own vs any team and you have to be able to switch game plans on a dime.

Well in place we have a good/ get the job done QB

We have 1 WR on my list but we all know we have at least 3 get r done WR

We have 3 guys on our O line in place

and we have 2 RB that can help us be either a ground and pound or a spread.

Im going to go out on a limb here, but  I think this team is much closer to being a dominant offense then it is to being a dominant defense. With that said, I would figure that Buddy recognizes this and might base his draft around that accordnigly.

Now we have to take into account what Buddy has said publicly, he has came out and said this, "Ryan is our QB moving forward", "will we take a Qb in this draft? probably" "we will not be a better team in this league until we get better at stopping the run" "We need to get bigger LBs"

Now when I read these comments, it screams to me, that he will probably draft defense heavy. I understand why he would want to do that but does it make the most sense. YES and in a few short word im going to tell you why.

When Buddy took over this team he said it would take about 2 or 3 years before we became a contender. Last year he filled voids, this year he will be specific and come 2012 we should have another high pick to fill an absolute necessity and then Buddy's plan should be complete. We will have all the players that Buddy has chosen to be in certain areas and we will be on our way.

Sorry for jumping all over the place but I wanted to show that we could go a number of different ways in the draft this year, but with what we have in place and what Buddy has stated publicly it looks to me like we are going to focus solely on defense this year and let the players on our offense develop.

And last but not least, if I were making the pick and he was available I would select A.J. Green. I say this because it just goes to show you the difference of opinion between me and between you and between Buddy Nix.

But for clarity purposes I believe Buddy will draft defense heavy this year.(The whole point of my post)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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