Yet Another Mock, It helps the anticipation till the real thing

 I tried to use the mock strategy that Joe. P outlined in his last mock draft. This mock would be a dream come true, that’s why I don't think it will happen.

Quick draft, this one has Cameron Newton at three. This is not completely due to his recent hype, but the thought that we were very high on Tim Tebow last year and we came up short. This team really needs some type of future at the QB position and if this team truly believes they will have a better year this coming season, then this is our best chance to pick this high and to get a guy like Cam. In no way is Cam perfect, but he has everything in a QB that cannot be developed.  A year or two behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and the constant tutelage of Chan should do wonders to his mental development of the game. I also believe that time in Buffalo and they guys we have here could bring him down to earth and maybe humble him a little…just a thought.

1.       Cam Newton – QB- Auburn


2.       Martez Wilson – ILB- Ill.

     Wilson is arguably the best ILB in this year’s draft and if he falls to the second round, which most drafts do, he is a easy pick. Poz should be resigns and Wilson will compete for a starting spot over Davis and at the very least be a solid depth player and a eventual starter.


3.       Joseph Barksdale –OT –LSU

      The right tackle position is the weakest spot on the offensive line. Gailey has said that they like Pears, but he is not a sure thing in any way. Barksdale is one of the top rated tackles in the draft and should be a good and safe pick for us here.


4.       Sione Fua – NT Stanford

       Solid depth player on the D line, can’t have too many big guys.

4. Kelvin Sheppard – ILB – LSU

              Another one of the top rated ILB’s in the draft. He probably will not fall this far after the combine, but the draft that I went off of still had him available, and if he were here, I would hope the Bills would take him; Gailey had had good things to say about him. This is with our second pick in the fourth and it might be better to take him with the first one just in case he does not make it this far.

5. D.J. Williams – TE - Arkansas                                                 

            Gailey may not use TE’s a lot, but we need someone who can both block and make some plays with his hands, Williams has the build to do both and hopefully can figure out how to utilize his talents better in the NFL than Nelson has.



This is leaving out CB or SS help, but we should be ok there for this year.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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