Adding depth through Free agency

I for one believe that there's too much at stake for the NFL & Players to actually let it go to a lockout or strike situation.  I believe there will be a last minute compromise.  Call me crazy but that's what I believe.


That being said here are a few Free Agents that I believe could be a good addition to our team:

High Profile Free Agents:


Mathias Kiwanuka (OLB) -6'5" 265lbs

He played Linebacker at Boston College, a Senior who finished with 37.5 sacks & 245 career tackles.  He's transitioned well to DE for the Giants but I could see him reverting back to Rush OLB.  He's a very productive "big" man, he'd fit what Chan & Buddy have been looking for.  He most probably will resign with NY but a guy can dream...


David Harris (ILB) - 6'2" 250lbs

Rumor says that the Jets might franchise him but I really hope they don't besides the franchise tag would cost them 9.6M which seems crazy to me for an ILB, he's good but he's not Ray Lewis!  They already have Holmes, Edwards, Cromartie and Ellis to worry about so somehow i doubt there's enough big $$ to go around and they've got a lot invested in Sanchez so I think they need to at least keep 1 of his two receivers and I think with Revis's injuries, they'd be well advised to keep Cromartie, especially considering that they are in the AFC east, playing against teams that pass more than they run.  Harris would be a perfect complement to Poz in the middle and he'd really help in improving our Run Defense.

Jermon Bushrod (RT) -6'5" 315lbs

I am listing him but I really doubt he ever hits free agency.  The Saints have very few FAs and Bushrod should figure to be their top priority this off season.


Jeremy Trueblood (RT) - 6'8" 320lbs

There is a reasonable chance here because Tampa has 11 guys hitting free agency and their priority will probably be Barrett Ruud their prized MLB.  Jeremy is exactly what we are looking for, a solid RT with lots of starting experience.  He's young and could be a fixture on our line for many years to come.  He's a mammoth of a man with very long arms, he would solidify the right side of our line, which could give us the flexibility we need going into the draft.



Depth Free Agents:

Thomas Davis (OLB) - 6'0" 240lbs

Here's what ESPN's Insider has to say:  Davis has been a quality starter for the Panthers but missed nine games in 2009 due to a knee injury. He is an undersized linebacker who was given a shot at safety early on in his career but chose to bulk up a bit and stay inside at linebacker. He has excellent speed and range and can step up to fill the hole with a good burst but lacks the size and power to stuff blockers back into the hole or to squeeze the block down on the edge. He is an explosive hitter when tackling in line as well as in space and does a good job of breaking down to square up. He has the speed to mirror tight ends and running backs and shows good ball skills when in the area.  I like the idea of bringing him in for a look.  Either way we need better depth at the Linebacker position and getting a guy that has decent coverage skills could be a big plus.  Especially when playing against our arch rivals, who drafted two exceptional young TEs last year!


Jayme Mitchell (DE) - 6'6" 285lbs.

Cleveland is going back to a 4-3 and as such the chance of them resigning Jayme Mitchell are slim at best.  He's a solid DE at 6'6" 285lbs.  The Cleveland brain trust were quite high on this guy when they signed him.  Unfortunately he's had some injury issues to deal with but he should be healthy now and given that Cleveland is reverting back to a 4-3 he might be the odd man out, he's more of a 3-4 DE.  He's a free agent and might be worth signing for depth.


So there you go a few guys that I've identified as decent pickups for this off season.  Let me know what you think.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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