Don't call it a comeback, I was here all along.

It's been awhile since I made one of these and caused a ruckus, so I felt it was time.  There seems like a lot more people on here and of course the familiar faces also, so let me recap some peeps on me and what I want for these Bills.  

Last year I wanted them to draft Tebow.  I thought he was a bit of a project but basically a can't miss one because of his heart and dedication.  I got quite the following on here to see it my way also, but alas, Tebow was not in the cards and instead the Bills took Spiller.  I was disappointed, but not in taking Spiller as much as not taking Tebow.  (fun little jab here, but at least Tebow was responsible for 11 tds, which is 9 more than Spiller, that said I like Spiller and think he will be a real asset sooner rather than later, but the jury is still out whether or not he will be a bigger asset than Tebow).

So everyone knows on this site that I don't think Ryan Fitzpatrick is a long term solution to the qb position for the Bills.  I really hope that is the prevailing opinion about him on this site, but I do know and respect others, but I will never see it their way.  (side note, i had a dream that i played catch with Bledsoe, and I told him I hated him when he played with the Pats but would kill to have a guy of his caliber qbing the team now).  

With all that in mind, I am going to give up what I believe is the best pick for number 3 in the NFL draft.  I usually dont go further than the 3rd round, because quite frankly its such a wild card and also I just don't have the proper knowledge to go that deep.  

First, I don't want a defensive lineman for the 3rd pick.  There I said it.  I like defense as much as the next guy, but I think Kyle, Edwards, Carrington, Troup and Stroud are sufficient at this point in time, and I actually think a lot of our problems are in the LB core.  With that said, there is NO run stuffing LB that will ever be worth a top 5 pick.   (please differentiate between run stuffer and pass rusher).  I also think its highly unlikely chan and Nix go for a pass rushing LB in this draft.  Moats came on strong last year and Merriman was just signed for a couple years.  That and the fact that Maybin is cheap enough to not cut this year and Kelsay is here for the long haul (whether we like it or not) make me think they will not be investing heavily on that position.  

Second, I love AJ Green.  I am a bit biased as I am from Georgia and they are my second favorite team behind my Gators.  I think he is a game changer and would complete this offense.  I love his heart and I think hes a good kid.  People say "well its too crowded at WR" but I disagree.  Lee Evans has never lived up to his billing, and this is coming from a HUUUUGEEEE Evans supporter, but he is what he is.  He struggles to get open and is only a deep threat which seems to be losing a step.  I don't know how franchises work (the ins and outs) but if I could, i would try my hardest to trade him, basically for anything at this point.  Steve is the new number 1, and while that may be premature because of only one productive year, I believe (hope) that he will prove me right this year.  David Nelson has been quite the surprise to many of you, but I was excited from day 1 when he signed.  He is and will continue to develop into a great slot option.  Parrish, what to do about Parrish. Is it any surprise that the first year Parrish got a lot of touches, that he got hurt pretty early? (yes half way is early).  I like him, I think hes a great return guy, but I never see him holding up the entire year going over the middle and he lacks straight away speed to be the deep threat, I am unconcerned if he loses reps.  Easley, well, Easly isnt in this discussion because he has proven jack so far and until he shows something on the field of play, I won't think much of him.  Therefore I don't think AJ Green would have a problem getting playing time.  Additionally, you have to think, is AJ better than those guys I just listed?  I would say yes as to all of them except Steve, so even if there is quantity, there isnt the quality that is AJ.

Third, I think Cam Newton is the same physical tools as Tebow.  But what made tebow was his heart, his dedication and his leadership.  Cam left UF amid serious character accusations, played some JUCO and then apparently his dad (and dont tell me he didnt know his dad was doing this) tried to get a school to pay them for him to play there.  Basically went to be a one year mercenary in Auburn and then bolted once he could.  Do I blame him? No, but when you step back and look at the entire picture, something just smells different.  That being said, he seems more polished than Tebow did and is working his tail off to fix his flaws, and that says something too.  His only full year he posted a 66% completion percentage, thew 30 tds to 7 ints and threw for almost 2,900 yards in what could be considered the hardest conference in all of the NCAA (5 NC's in a row people, you may not think they are the hardest, but you have to admit they are in every discussion).  He is a physical specimen in 6'6 and 250 pounds and has the durability of a linebacker.  He's right handed (that seemed to bother a few about Timmay) and dont forget he ran for almost 1500 yards too.  My only concern? Character and his father.  They are both his biggest liabilities.

Fourth Patrick Peterson is a lock down Corner.  He is a big physical Corner than can run too, and hoestly, people may have disliked the Jauron approach of never having enough corners, but you really can never have too many lock down corners.  That being said, when you read in between the lines, I don't think Nix is leaning towards Peterson, and I have doubts as to his availability at number 3 with Denver having Champ lose a step of two and in need of defensive help.  

Well I believe I have beaten around the bush enough, but theres a reason.  I simply dont know who i want more.  The next few months will be very important to me in evaluating Newton and Green.  Newton more so, because I basically know Green is incredible, but I can say, there are only three people I want with number 3.  Green, Newton and Peterson, and not necessarily in that order.  So will get back to you but I would love for everyone to pick one of them and sell me (and the community) on any of them.  And honestly, your not gonna talk me into bowers, miller or any other lineman, sorry.  I think 2nd round is where we pick up a DL or LB, and I think thats the smart move.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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