Kaisertown rules/Mayock draft

   Followed the Bills since '64, and this blog for 2 full years.  Taking a riff on Kaisertown's 2/10 mock draft (see the rules), I used Walter 2/16 mock.  He's credible and one of the few who goes 5 rounds.  I then used Mike Mayock's top 5 ranking by position.  The only rules were to use the highest rated player regardless of position with the exception of running back (hope the Bill's do too), and no doubling up a one position starter; ie: you can take 2 G's, T's, etc. but not QB, TE etc.  I started this to subjectively pick any of the top 5's, but an even more strict approach may be better.  Mayock position ranking in ( ) 

 #3  Blaine Gabbert QB  (1)    Reference Kaisertown and Der Jaeger.  I'm not sold yet...  

#34  Kyle Rudolph TE    (1)    He is combination of BPA and need.  TE is young QB's best friend.  Bills have wasted 6 picks in last 10 years on TE's, hopefully that stops here.  Reference Kaisertown and Der Jaeger on not taking Martez Wilson here.

#68  Ahmad Black SS    (2)    Actually #1 SS but Mayock does not differentiate with FS.  Short, but a PLAYER. 

#99  Colin McCarthy  ILB  (2)    A little slow, but a PLAYER.  Many here prefer Matthews, but there similar size and he's ranked (4)

#121  Kelvin Sheppard  ILB  (5)    A Rumblings favorite...  (see below)

#130  Chris Carter  OLB  (5)    Not even ranked on many sites.  I would have taken him at #121 but gambled he would still be there.  In the real world I would not have gambled. 

   Many of these players will not be available in the real thing.  Walter and Mayock will keep fine tuning, so a second and final version will be more illuminating.  I think Chris Carter will fly up mock boards as most analysts recognize that Mayock has more credibility than they do.  My final version will be dependent on how high Mayock (and Jaworski) is on Gabbert.  I respect Kurupt and he's calling the QB as a coin flip with Newton (3).  This pick may be Green come April, or Andy Dalton at  #130 etc. 

   Using this restrictive guideline I am both surprised and pleased with the outcome.  Although not realistic, it shows that using a disciplined approach can prevent some of the past mistakes.  A bonus is that if Poz and Whitner leave, their potential replacements are here.  Sorry there is no DE, RT, CB, G etc., but if you have not accepted that this roster is full of holes I can't convince you that any mock is good.  The rule of thumb is that 3 good players in one draft is an excellent draft, this has that potential with a few flyers left to go....    

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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