Time to Drop the Hammer on Cam Newton

I can see why some people are high on this kid.  If you don’t look past his big arm and a big smile, you might think he was to good to pass up.  Too bad it takes more than a big arm and quick feet to be a great NFL QB. 





If not for his disastrous Bowl performance, the Newton hype train would have made a run for the #1 pick sooner.  But alas, that Bowl game exposed Newton for the one trick pony that he currently is…..a running QB who can’t read a defense. 


Newton’s physical skills might be elite, but his commitment to his studies are lacking.  Cam doesn’t seem to think he should have to do his own homework.  Newton was caught cheating not once but three times and may have been expelled.  Did he fight the charges because they were untrue?  No, he ran from them. He transferred to a Junior college where his “studies” and athletic competition would be much easier.  Does this sound like a leader to you?


And then there is the case of the stolen laptop with his name on it.


or perhaps you like this version better, which states Newton was also charged with intimidating a witness?


If I purchased a laptop I didn’t know was stolen, I wouldn’t interfere with a police investigation by throwing it out a window or intimidating a witness….but that is just me.


Another issue I have with drafting Newton is that you are not just drafting Cam Newton….you’re drafting his father too.  And while Cam’s part in pimping himself to the highest bidder may be unclear (translation….can’t be proven yet), Cecil’s part in that scandal is very clear and very dirty…..maybe it wasn’t illegal…if you believe Cam didn’t know anything about it, but it certainly wasn’t what I consider ethical. Here is where the excuse makers love to defend Newton.   They have all these ideas about how daddy Newton was doing all of this behind his son’s back.   But given how close they are, how can you reasonably believe that is the truth?


One might think that after all that drama, Cam might be inclined to let…you know….tell his dad to keep a low profile and let his agent take care of promoting him at the next level.  But no, Cam seems perfectly happy to let his father be a part of his PR team. Why does Cam allow his father to continue to represent him?  Could it be because he agrees his tactics and has full knowledge of what his father was and is doing


Apparently, the rules don’t apply to Cam and his dad, even when they agree to follow them.  Cecil was not supposed to be at the BCS game.  He agreed to it.  Must have changed his mind...or maybe the Newton’s are entitled to ignore the rules and do whatever they want.


Maybe we should give Cecil the benefit of the doubt….after all, he is a “pastor”.


Where did all that money to fix his dad’s church come from?  Cecil Newton makes me sick to my stomach.  Pastor Pimp Daddy.  I don’t want that guy anywhere near the face of my franchise.


Well, maybe Cam is better at following the rules of the road. Normally traffic tickets don’t bother me, but when they get to the point your license gets suspended and you think you have the right to keep driving anyway?  Again, the word entitlement comes to mind.  Anyone sensing a pattern of behavior here?


Let’s hear from Cam in his own words


Yeah, his head is on straight.


Tired of talking about Newton’s character or lack there of?  Good, me too.  Let’s talk about his experience being a starting QB at the big time college level.  Newton has one year as the starting QB at Auburn.  And what kind of offense did he run that year?  Per a post by kaisertown – “Newton’s offense threw the ball on 31% of offensive plays last year and Newton had more passing attempts than rushing attempts in only 6 games (two of which were Louisiana Monroe and Chatanooga).”   Newton has little to no college experience running a Pro style offense in which he was asked to be a passer first instead of a RB who takes the snap.  Therefore, Cam very little experience reading a defense that would even allow us to project whether he can do it at the NFL level.  Don’t believe me….read the CBSsports scouting report. ….here are the “high” lights.


Accuracy: Generally demonstrates good accuracy, though he is inconsistent in the all important intermediate areas.

Arm Strength: Possesses plenty of arm strength to make every NFL throws.

Setup/Release: An area of legitimate concern.

Reading Defenses: Another area of concern. Was only asked to make 1-2 reads at Auburn

On the Move: Clearly his greatest trait.

Intangibles: Scouts question whether he has the football intelligence necessary to handle the myriad of formations and adjustments to be successful in a pro offense.


Does this sound like someone who should be the #3 overall pick to you?  Newton screams one hit wonder.  Didn’t the Maybin pick teach us anything?  But fear not drinker of the Newton KoolAid, the memory of his actual performance as a passer at Auburn and his underwhelming BCS Bowl game performance has faded over time. Utube highlights and drills in the Combine are here to show off Newton’s physical skill and get everyone excited again.


Even if Newton can become a good NFL QB, I just don’t see this kids as a good fit for the city of Buffalo.  If the Bills draft him, and if he does develop into a good QB, it will be just in time for him to leave for greener pastures and bigger dollars.  Yes my friends, the big city is where Cam wants to be…mo money mo money mo money from a big fat new contract, jersey sales, endorsements, a reality TV show, and any thing else Cecil can think of to make a buck off his son. And make no mistake about it, money is what the Newton’s are most interested in. What was the point of his media only workout in California again?  To let actual NFL scouts see the progress Newton has made?


Nope…..Ohhhhh….that’s right….it was to get the hype train kicked into high gear. At least he is smarter than Fairley and didn’t tell the media that he didn’t want to play in the cold.  And what came of Newton’s media day?


Well, ESPN and Trent Dilfer loved it.  Anyone else?  How much should we trust Dilfer’s opinion?  This time last year Dilfer liked Clausen and McCoy better than Bradford.


The red flags are all there, but people are willing to set aside common sense because his physical skills are impressive.  Maybe this story sums it up best.


An old woman was walking down the road when she saw a gang of thugs beating a poisonous snake.  She rescued the snake and carried it back to her home, where she nursed it back to health.  They became friends and lived together for many months.  One day they were going into town, and the old woman picked him up and the snake bit her.  Repeatedly.  "O God," she screamed, "I am dying!  Why?  I was your friend.  I saved your life!  I trusted you!  Why did you bite me?"


The snake looked up at her and said, "Lady, you knew I was a snake when you first picked me up."


Put aside your desire as a Bills fan for an Elite QB and look objectively at what we know about Cam the person and Cam the QB.  Don’t look for excuses, just look at the situation using a little common sense.  Maybe a few of these issued could be overlooked, but Cam has quite the “rap sheet”.  They all add up to a pattern of behavior that reveals Cam's true character.  In my opinion:

1.  Cam is a thief

2.  Cam is a cheat

3.  Cam is a liar

4.  Cam runs from adversity

5.  Cam doesn’t think the rules apply to him

6.  Cecil has no issues engaging in unethical activities, so who is going to teach this kid right from wrong when he is a multi-millionaire?

7.  Cam has never had to run a Pro style offense.

8.  Cam was rarely asked to read a defense and struggled mightily trying to read the Ducks defense.

9.  Cam’s ego and ambition can’t be satisfied in Buffalo

Now tell me honestly, does Cam Newton sound like the kind of player the Bills should use the #3 pick in the draft on?  Or does he sound like that snake?  I just hope the “old man” has more sense than that old lady in the story.  I am firmly on the “Anyone but Cam Newton” bandwagon.

Just in case some of you were wondering, if the Bills do take Newton at #3, my reaction will be something like this

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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