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   Starting after the Senior Bowl I’ve been charting the mock drafts posted on BR by us Bills fans to try to get an idea of where we as fans stand on who we would like the bills to pick in this coming draft. I update a “mockers” picks each time they post a new version. I have disregarded drafts that include speculative trades. I’ve included only those mocks that have picks at the draft spots the Bills currently possess. I’ve also only included 7 round mocks in order to generate a 7 round mock reflective of the Buffalo Rumblings community desires. Players were awarded points based on the round they were mocked in; 8 points for the 1st round and 1 point for the 7th.  I then generated a mock based on point totals and whether or not a player was likely to be available. For example Marcel Dareus got 16 points for being the 1st round choice in 2 mocks; however he won’t be available after the 1st round so he is eliminated from further consideration. I’ll continue to update as we get closer to the draft and post an update every 2 weeks leading up to the draft. Any way here is the 1st version based on the 12 mock drafts posted since the Senior Bowl.

Rd. 1 Patrick Petersen        CB LSU                  (7-1st round picks = 56 Points)

Rd. 2 Martez Wilson           ILB Illinois             (3-2nd round = 21 Points)

Rd. 3 Kelvin Sheppard         ILB LSU                 (1-2nd, 2-3rd round = 19 Points)

Rd. 4a Colin Kaepernick     QB Nevada            (1-2nd, 2-3rd, 1-4ath, 1-4bth round = 28 points)

Rd. 4b Marcus Gilbert        OT Florida              (3-4ath, 1-4bth, 1-7th round = 20 Points)

Rd. 5 Mario Harvey             ILB Marshall          (1-4ath, 1-5th, 1-7th round = 9 Points)

Rd. 6 Cedric Thornton         DT S. Arkansas      (1-4bth, 2-6th round = 8 Points)

Rd. 7 Davonte Shannon           SS Buffalo                     (2-7th round = 2 Points)

Clearly as a group we feel ILB is a position of need as it was the most frequently mocked position. These pick have nothing to do with my personal preferences so pleass don't ask me to justify a pick. Continue to post 7 round mocks so we can get a more comprehensive look at what we as a group would like the Bills to do each round this April.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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