Case for taking a mid-round QB in the 2011 Draft

This is my first fanpost…I’d say take it easy on me, but I am prepared for the abuse :)


I read an opinion of a fan in the comments section of a fanpost yesterday that if we do not go QB at #3, then we should not draft a QB at all.  While I too am tired of our beloved Bills always searching for a franchise QB to no avail, I’ll offer my opinion as to why I am okay with it in this draft.


First of all, I am completely comfortable with the Bills not taking Newton or Gabbert at 3.  I know Fitz isn’t the QB of our future, but I (as many other rumblers) believe he is good enough to “man the job” for the next year.  However, I do believe that taking a mid-round QB (Kaepernick, Mallett, Dalton, or Devlin) in this draft is a good idea.  Here’s why…


Brohm’s ceiling is now very apparent.  He had all the promise in the world coming into the NFL, but it hasn’t amounted to much.  In my opinion, you have to dump him this offseason.  That leaves Fitz and Brown.  I think Brown has potential to be a good back-up QB in this league for a long time (especially if he is paying attention when Fitz is trying to educate him).  However, we need three QBs.  So select a mid-round developmental guy with some potential (see names I listed above).  It will be an inexpensive way to see what these guys have; while at the same time giving them an opportunity to learn behind an incredibly smart, albeit limitedly talented, veteran.


Best case scenarios –

(1) We discover that one of these guys really does have the talent and potential to be a franchise QB (YEAH!! WOOHOO!! ALRIGHT!!). 

(2) We develop him a little, he might see some playing time and some other team takes a chance on them via trade (like Charlie Whitehurst). 

(3) Fitz is entering a contract year.  If we draft a QB high in 2012 (our franchise guy), or acquire one through free agency in 2012, what’s to say Fitzy doesn’t jump ship looking for another starting opportunity?  I know we would all love for him to stay on even once we’ve found our QB so that we could be certain to have a high-quality back-up, but that may not be an option.  It may be nice to have a 2011 mid-round QB who learned a bit behind Fitz to assume that role.

Worst case scenario –

(1) They do not develop as planned and we are still in the position of looking for "our guy", which we will most likely be anyways if we do not take a QB at #3.


What do you think?  Have I swayed your opinions?


Quick thanks to Brian, MRW, Ron from NM and all the other great contributors to this site…absolutely love reading it daily.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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