It Will Be Marcel Dareus At Three….


Let us count the reasons….


- He is a SEC Alabama good ‘ol southern born boy and our southern brain trust just loves the south.

- He is not a one year wonder. Yeah, you’d like more experience and production, but you can look at enough film to see he’s just a bear. His production is average but he has to face double teams in the big, bad SEC nearly every play.

- He fills a huge need perfectly. A DT/DE that is already excellent at stacking and shedding or just anchoring. He is what you need when you are already blessed with a small, penetrating, probowl DT/NT. He is what you need to help you stop the run. What makes him so valuable is that he can shoot gaps and grab smaller, quicker players with surprising quickness and agility. In other words, he’s equally adept no matter the down or distance. No other player in the draft matches the Bills better, when you consider both need and overall talent.

- Nick Fairley will be gone. Fairly is just a better overall athlete with awesome production. He doesn’t fit as well for the Bills because he’s never asked to anchor, and he probably thinks that’s a waste of his talent. He also has less game tape and more off-field issues. Should he somehow fall, I hope we take him, because I dream of what he could be if he maximizes his vast potential. Although I’ll admit, it’s a very close call because Marcel is the safer pick and fits best now.

- Marcel fills our brain trust’s public desire to get bigger, stronger and tougher in our front 7. At 6’3” - 309 lbs. the film shows he is an excellent anchor and his strong, long arms and mighty hands are built to battle OT’s. You have to be big, strong, tough and humble to do what he did for Alabama.

- He is a winner. A 2009 national champ and game MVP. And a 2010 capitol one bowl winner (destroyer?) and All-SEC Football First Team player in 2010. The Bills like to talk about getting players that are used to winning; especially in the context of trying to turn around a losing team.

- Versatility – Can play end in a 3-4 or tackle in a 4-3 equally well and as stated before, he plays the run and pass equally well. Having both of these qualities is not common and would be utilized much in Buffalo.

- Patrick Peterson will point out the total ineptness of the Bills over the last 10 years and that will not excite fans or sell tickets. He also doesn’t make us much bigger, stronger or tougher as he is not known for his play against the run. He’s more of a Deon and less of a Winfield (which isn’t bad in any way, but we need tough guys now.) He also doesn’t fit the mold of building a team from the inside-out philosophy.

- The top pass rushers are all flawed. They’re either small, one year wonders, coming off a suspension or some combination of these ills. And they’re not going to help stop the run as well as Dareus will; and stopping the run is our number one off-season priority. Also, the Bills, for some dumb reason, seem to believe OLBs are not as high of a priority as DEs.

- The top QBs played in a spread offense and Gailey devalues QBs who have to learn how to play pro football. He won’t take one at three.


Wow, in writing this post, I’ve at least, convinced myself it will be Dareus at three. Well, fellow-rumblers, what do you think? Comments? Complaints? Please vote :)



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