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Round1, #3-- Cameron Jordan DE (6-4, 287)

In my last mock I chose Marcell Dareus with this pick.  Then I stopped listening to the hype and started doing my research.  In order to make my case for this seemingly unconventional pick, first check out Dareus’ college stats: He’s only played 2 years, recording 33 tackles each season.  Jordan’s college stats on the other hand: show he played 4 years and racked up 18, 47, 45, and finally 51 tackles in each of his seasons.  Hands down, Jordan is the more productive player and if he were to put up equally productive numbers in the NFL, they would resemble those of Warren Sapp: (in a perfect world I’d find his college stats, but I can’t seem to find them).  I also like the charisma he shows while speaking in this clip: (even if it was scripted) more than the definitive lack of charisma Dareus shows while being interviewed here: 





Round2 #34-- Kelvin Sheppard sILB (6-2, 250)

This pick comes down to Sheppard and Martez Wilson... On paper they’re nearly identical.  But after reading Gailey’s comments of him during the Senior Bowl, I still think they reach to get “their guy” and solidify the defense in the process.  Besides, we reached with out second round pick last year.  Why not make a trend of it?  I’d also point out that sILB is the most pressing need on the team, and waiting till the 3rd round to get someone who could start is too high a risk.




Round3 #68-- Robert Sands SS (6-4, 215)

Since it doesn’t look like there will be a new CBA before the draft, I think it would be wise to draft a SS who has the talent to start immediately-- especially since there’s no guarantee that either Whitner (who’s all but gone) or Wilson will still be here next year.  Granted, Sands only racked up 46 tackles this past year (which pales in comparison to Whitner’s gaudy 140), but who needs to pad your tackle-stats when you break up most of the passes thrown your way?  Check out his highlight reel against Dave Wannstedt’s 2009 Pitt Panthers: .  If there’s a play Sands wasn’t in on, I didn’t see it.  




Round4 #99-- Marcus Gilbert OT (6-6, 329) 

Unless we decide to trade back into the middle of the first round-- to get Carimi or Soldier-- it seems like we’ll be drafting a developmental RT.  I don’t think this would be terrible since Gailey had good things to say about Pears who-- regardless of who we draft-- will probably start.





Round4 #107 (from Sea)-- DeMarcus Van Dyke CB (6-1, 185)

Because McGee is old and for CBA reasons, I think we draft a pair of DB’s in the middle rounds of a draft deep in DB’s.  Van Dyke stood out at the Senior Bowl (playing press coverage which he had no experience with), and comes with all sorts of intangibles, not least that he has 4 years experience as a gunner.  Here’s a nice piece of propaganda on him: 





Round5 #132 -- Brandon Hogan CB (5-10, 191)

It looks like the kid’s got all the skills necessary to be a good CB.  He’s fast and has good hips.  He’s also a sure tackler who-- by the looks of it-- can also dish out a good hit from time to time.  The only reason he’s slated to be drafted here is cause he’s a short-shorty cornerback.  You be the judge, I say pull the trigger: 



Round6 #164-- Jordan Cameron TE (6-5, 235)

Same height as Tony Gonzalez and just 7 pounds lighter.  Looks like he has similarly great hands and seems like he could jump over a cornerback standing still.  Here’s some highlights-- pay attention for the onside kick recovery:  It also sounds like he’s a gamer with a good work ethic who’d be willing to do anything asked of him: ... and to be honest I also like the obnoxiousness of drafting Cameron Jordan and Jordan Cameron



Round7 #196-- Nick Bellore sILB (6-1, 250)

He’s a small school guy from Central Michigan who tallied a whopping 471 tackles during his 51 game consecutive start streak!!  I believe he has the build and the leadership qualities Nix looks for in a late round, small school prospect who would be a welcome addition to our geriatric reserve ILB corps.  









Joshua Nesbitt RB / QB (6-1, 215)

I expect Brohm will be cut, and that means there’ll be a roster spot to fill.  Only problem is, there’s no clear cut franchise QB in the draft.  So... what’s the next best option?  Pick up someone who could see limited playing time as a “wildcat” QB (intriguing, since Gailey had success with Kordell Stewart in the NFL, and then recruited Nesbitt to run his offense at GT).  I figure this adds more potential value to the team than a pocket passer who might not pan out, but without the inherent cost of a (theoretically) first round Cam Newton.  Also-- because Nesbitt is coming out as a RUNNING BACK-- he could be a hedge in case Freddie gets injured (he’s gonna be 30).  Incidentally, Freddie and Nesbitt are the same size.



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