Examining Top Bills Contenders Combine's

After watching the NFL Combine, I know exactly who I want and who I think would be the best pick for the Bills at #3.

Lets look at the 5 players that are most frequently mocked to the Bills and their combine results:(not specific order)

1. Von Miller OLB, Texas A&M:

40yd Dash- 4.53

Bench Press- 21

3 Cone Drill- 6.70

20 yard shuttle- 4.06

I hate to say it, but damn he looked good. Good enough for me to like him? Absolutly not. He showed great quickness and nice footwork. He showed that he maybe is worthy of a top 5 pick. I still think that 3rd is much too high for Miller drafting purely on potential

2. Cam Newton QB, Auburn:

40yd Dash- 4.59

3 Cone Drill- 6.92

20yd Shuttle- 4.18

Broad Jump- 10'6

Cam was the talked about man coming into Indy. He showed off his amazing athletic ability with his 40yd dash and broad jump. But when he decided to throw at the Combine many knew this could either propel him to the #1 pick, or it could show his accuracy flaws. Well Cam showed the accuracy problems constantly over throwing his recievers. Many say," It's cause he didn't have his Auburn WRs" well neither did Ponder, Mallet, Locker etc. and they did pretty well. I will backup Cam saying that he is not used to take the 5 step drop back as he ran out of the shotgun all the time at Auburn. Whoever takes Cam will have quite the project to work with.

3. Marcel Dareus DT, Alabama:

40yd Dash- 4.93

Bench Press- 24

3 Cone Drill- 7.83

Dareus was the best prospect at the combine. He weighed in at 319lb and ran a 4.93yd dash, amazing. He was incredible in the positional drills showing great burst, footwork, and raw skills. Dareus showed how he was an underrated prospect coming into the Combine by being the most impressive player at the Combine

4. Patrick Peterson CB, LSU:

40yd Dash- 4.34

Bench Press- 15

***I'll have the rest of his official drill results later

He looked great in everything, and ran a fantastic 40yd dash time showing he may very well be the most athletic player in thios draft as well as a supreme lockdown corner back

5. AJ Green WR, Georgia:

40yd Dash- 4.50

Bench Press- 18

Vertical Jump- 34'5

60yd Shuttle- 11.46

Did nothing to hurt his stock. Looked great in the recieving drills catching the ball cleanly with good speed after recieving the ball. Look great running the assigned routes. He showed great athletic ability for his size and is still the #1 WR in this draft

All in all I think Patrick Peterson and Marcel Dareus are the best players we can draft. But I give Dareus the edge because he was absolutly incredible on Monday, showing he should be the #1 rated DT in the draft(let's just hope the Panthers like Fairley more)

6. Robert Quinn OLB, UNC:

40yd Dash- 4.70

Bench Press- 22

3 Cone Drill- 7.13

Quinn looked good for a player that sat out a whole year. He was clearly rusty, but when he is polished he is an elite pass rushing prospect. He is big, strong, and fast and had he played this year we may be talking about him gor #1. I'd love to add a Robert Quinn, but #3 is a tad bit high for him

7. Blaine Gabbert QB, Missouri:

40yd Dash- 4.62

3 Cone Drill- 6.84

20yd Shuttle- 4.26

Gabbert is said to have done great in interviews with the teams. He showed he has great athletic ability in the drills, but he didn't throw which some said was a bad idea, but after watching Newton not "wow" in the passing drills it now seems like Gabbert made the right move. He is currently my #1 QB in this draft.


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