The impact of a rookie wage scale

First lets note that we still don't have a CBA, and the details of the rookie wage scale are not set in stone. Even with this in mind I thought it might be interesting to look at our current roster through the eyes of the new pay scale. This post really has less to do with pay and more to do with contract length as the details as to how much the top picks would lose is still unknown.

 I am not going to list the players that are not affected by the change as they are the biggest group. If you don't see a player they are more than likely not changed.

This first group consists of players that would have been signed to one year shorter contracts allowing them to hit RFA, and FA earlier and thereby more than likely giving them a pay raise sooner then they would have under the old CBA. I have put the year they would have hit FA (if they had been signed under the new plan) by their names.

    D. Bell RFA2011      S. Johnson RFA2011      R. Corner RFA2011
A. Levitre RFA2012        S. Nelson RFA2012            J. Byrd RFA2012
L. McKelvin FA2012          E. Wang RFA2013   A.Carrington RFA2013
   T. troup RFA2013         D. Batten RFA2013         A. Moats RFA2013
    E. Wood FA2013           CJ Spiller FA2014

 Thats 14 players that would have been signed to shorter contracts if this new plan had been in place. The teams would then have to make a decision on them weather to tender the RFA or let them go earlier. The ones they decide to keep will command more money. Again I cant go into detail BC we don't know but four of these players would have been paid less in their rookie contracts saving the team millions that could be reinvested into the new contracts of the players that they deem worth it.

 Three other players would have been affected in a different way. McCargo and Maybin would have been cut way sooner as their guaranteed money would have been half what it is. Lastly D. Whitner would have been a FA last year and long gone.

 None of this is actually what is going to happen, but I hope it gives a little insight as to how all the teams will be affected by this change. With shorter contracts BUSTS will be let go sooner, and STARS will be rewarded sooner. Even the avg NFL players will get more money sooner. IMO this is a good thing for the players a healthy wash for the teams, with a stronger emphasis personnel management being necessary.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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