Bills All-Time Greats on the Defense….


As usual it is up for debate but this is my list of my top defensive players since the inception...



1)---Bruuuce Smith, A No Brainer—HOFer, NFL leading sack artist with 200.

2)---Ron McDole, Ala “The Dancing Bear”, 2 AFL Championships, 2 Pro Bowls and 1-1st team All-Pro.

3)---Aaron Schobel, exceptional pass rusher, 2 Pro-Bowls and 78 career sacks.

4)---Phil Hansen, excellent all around DE, 11 years of defending the run and pass, 4-SB’s

5)---Ben Williams, 10 year stalwart in defending the run, 1 Pro Bowl, 3 time 2nd team all conference.



1)--- Tom Sestak, career cut short by knee injuries, 2-AFL titles, 3-1st team All-Pro, and 4 Pro-Bowls

2)---Freddy Smerlas, one of my favorite Bills players, NT of the Famed “Bermuda Triangle, 5 Pro-Bowls.

3)---Jim Dunaway, another from the vaunted Bills defense of the mid 60’s, 4-Pro Bowls and 2 AFL Championships.

4)---Ted Washington, a mountain of a man that was an immovable object in the middle, 3 Pro Bowls.

5)---Kyle Williams, just hitting his stride a disruptive force in the middle.



1)---Biscuit Bennett, inside or out he was a force, too bad that he wasn’t used as much as pass rusher, 5 Pro Bowls and 5 total SB’s (1 with Atl.)

2)---Mike Stratton, AFL HOF, 6 Pro Bowls, 3 1st team All Pro, Known for his hit on Keith Lincoln in the Championship “The Hit Heard Around the World”.

3)—Bryce Paup. 3 years in B-lo All-Pro, NFL Defensive Player of the year (1995).

4)---Darryl Talley, another favorite, 12 years 2-Pro-Bowls, 4-SBs---“Tally Ho”

5)---John Tracey, tough as nails during the mid 60’s, 2 Pro-Bowls and 2 Championships



1)---Harry Jacobs, 7 years true MLB, 2- Pro Bowls and 2 AFL Championships. 

2)---London Fletcher, always took criticism but was a tackling machine

3)---Jim Haslett, not the most gifted but played hard, one 1st team all-Pro, a member of the “Bermuda Triangle”.

4)---Shane Conlan, Helped turn the Bills into a playoff contender, 3 Pro Bowls.

5)—Shane Nelson, injuries curtailed the career of the 3rd member of the "Bermuda Triangle". 


1)---George Saimes, another member of the mid 60’s Bills, 2 AFL Championships, 5-pro Bowls and 3 1st team All Pro selections.

2)---Tony Greene, 37 career Ints, 2 Pro Bowls on some very lousy teams

3)---Henry Jones,  a steadying force for 10 years, one 1st team All Pro, 9 out of 10 years Bills were in the playoffs

4)---Mark Kelso, 30 career Ints better known as Kazoo for the helmet he wore.

5)---Steve Freeman, unspectacular but started for 12 years



1)---Butch Byrd, 40 career Ints, 5 pro-bowls, three 1st team All-pro and two AFL Championships, plus he was a exceptional punt returner.

2)---Robert James, started out on special teams, was a shut-down CB, 3-Pro Bowls before a devastating knee injury shortened his career.

3)---Nate Odomes, 2 Pro Bowls on the Championship team of the 90’s

4)---Booker Edgerson, opposite Byrd they formed the best CB tandem in the league, 1 Pro Bowl.

5)---Antoine Winfield. LB for LB one of the toughest tacklers in Bills history fans appreciated his style of play!


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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