It takes a brave person to stand alone in his opinion...instead of following the crowds opinion(Cam Newton)

I took this quote from a fellow poster please don't take offence. I am not responding to this poster but instead to the Buffalo Bills Fans. Some of you may not agree with me and thats ok. I guess i am just speaking my mind and i don't want this to come across as me pointing facts just my opinion.


<blockquote>would say that Newton fits the scrambling QB who can pass mold, and Gabbert fits the pocket passer who can scramble mold. I think scrambling QB’s who can pass are not as consistent as pocket passers who can scramble. That is why I like Gabbert over Newton.<blockquote>


I may infact stand alone in my opinion here so please have a open mind and a open heart.

When Cameron Newton was recruited he had to dispell the Myth that he was a stationary quarterback that only passed. Then ONLY at the college level did anyone find out that he  could move some. ONLY at Auburn did they discover to what extent his skills as a runner would go to. And so they leaned of that aspect of his game on the run. And with any smart coach leaned on this prior to depending on the arm.of a first year starter at their program..

But as the season progressed and he settled into the position they asked him to pass more. To dispell this MYTH that he is a scrambling qb that can "pass ok" the last 169 designed pass plays in which Newton drop back to pass he scrambled 15 6 games!!! So every game he took off and run about 2 or 3 times (that sound like he is running all over the place as a quarterback?) This perception that he is this scrambling QB that can throw it now and then misinformation.....he is a pocket passer(who just so happens can run well) who makes goood choices in the passing game and knows what to do with the evidence with his completion 66.1%, as evidence with his highest passer rating in NCAA history of 188 going into the BCS campionship evidence with is 30 TD to 7 int ratio....regardless of what TYPE of offence he ran.... he showed good instincts in the passing game (even with a low volume of passes) and very good decisions with the football CONSISTANTLY......NO incomplete passes ON ANY of the first drives of EVERY ball game ALL year..and NOT one interception in the 4th quarter ...

no no no Newton is a pure passing quarterback that just so happen to be ABLE to run very well....not his fault coaches call run plays.... You can't call a guy who takes off and runs 2 or 3 times a game (in the last 6 games)during passing plays with these overwhelming stats (that match what you see on tape) a "scambling quarterback that can throw ok" ...that doesn't meet his discription.

So if you measure him at the beginning of the season you will see a conservative game plan and rightly so for a new starter...but as the season progressed he settled into who he is as a player. Imagine him with 2 off seasons of work in one offence with getting to know one set of skill position players

One thing that bothers me is the concept that Newton isn't intelligent. And this is something i really don't know and i venture to say the very spirit of this question mark relates to how he can learn a offence. Based on what i can measure..he played in a offence that is very close to what Gabbert ran. With Auburns offence more oriented toward read option and play action off of it...and Mizz offence oriented toward short passes and screens. Yet scheme wise both concepts are very close. One read system is a word that basiclly means "newton ran a offence that used very little thinking". And to some degree i would have to agree. Yet when i look at the forest through the trees the overwhelming thing that jumps out at me is decision making. You can know the entire play book and have a advance feel for what you want to do with the football pre snap and post snap and still fail. Does this mean that mean other rookies will be ahead of Newton Scheme wise? This is where i think there is a disconnect. Because you have to have that innate ability to make decisions. My challege is that a quarterback that is instinctive and a good decision maker with the football will have the advantage. So how does one measure this instinct?...well you can't...this is a eye ball test. But from my eyeball test this is what i see from Newton in one season at Auburn...where as Gabbert in 3 seasons didn't progress in a offence he knew inside and out in a system he was in for 4 years. This is really hitting at the heart of one thing....that Newton may very well be more pro ready than you think. And he may not even have a totally handle on all of the offence till 2012. But with enough to be instinctive and competitive he could surprize. But then again this is very hard to measure because each person is there own person. 

With the CBA not done every rookie quarterback in this class will run the risk of no training camp..which by most accounts washes their season. This to me gives a chance for all of them to work as back ups and learn. So don't expect much from any of them if they can't get a CBA done prior to OTA's and preseasons etc. All of that extra work with their teams is the key to why rookie QB's have had some early success. Even though perception is that this class has a bunch of qb's not ready. 

With just a eyeball test it appears that there is really only one difference between Newton and Gabbert ...pocket presence. As i think both are very instinctive passers and can deliever the football. I would warn that ..when you look at the great quarterback in the NFL one aspect of Newtons game this is underplayed is his composure as a passer. Just note how he sets up his offensive line blocks and stands in the pocket...i worry that Gabbert may not be very instinctive in this department. And when a young quarterback is good at this aspect of the game then it makes the game so much easyer to manage. Can you learn to "feel the rush"?..i dunno. Ponder also does a nice job of this as well

Cam Newton passing from the pocket 

Cam Newton responding to pressure

Cam Newton deep passes

Blaine Gabbert highlights


What i note is that Newton looks like what many claim Gabbert is....and Gabbert looks like what many say Newton is

One thing no one wants to talk about with Newton...pocket presence. He isn't rattled ...he isn't scared...when all hell is breaking down around him he is calm. He is very decisive and makes good choices with the football. And against the blitz his completion % went UP to 70%!!!! any video of him and you note that IN THE POCKET he remains calm and focus down the watch Gabbert and you will see a QB that has happy feet and reads one side of the field and takes will see a qb that doesn't "feel the rush" and looks at the rush....Newton doesn't do that his focus is down field the entire time and he feels the rush. This is the difference between being Joey Harrington or Phillp Rivers...infact this is the NUMBER ONE SKILL SET of all franchise quarterbacks. You can't read any defence or apply any of your so called football knowledge if you don't instinctively know how to focus down field with your eyes at all times and "feel the rush" instead of "looking at the rush"....this in my humble opinion is the single most important reason why i think Gabbert isn't ready and why surprizingly Newton is more advance than anyone is willing to give him credit for. (ok that horse is now dead)

As far as a leader Newton is much better than anyone wants to give him credit for. People say with amazement how he won every game. And how he pushed them to win every game. Sometimes it can be a broke record... But observe him talking to his team when they are down at half time (1:00 mark on the clip >>>) listening to him speak made me feel like he is really in his element. You can see how his teammates respond to him. To me this is the MOST compelling aspect of him as a player....the defining reason why he did so well at Auburn.

The off the field issues with him buying a stolen laptop...or cheating on a test....or his father doing pay for play (or him)... those are concerning... and can't be just dismissed. However the thing that you have to like is that he is a football guy. He has family that has played in the NFL ...he has worked very hard since pulling his head out of his tail. So to me the latest trends are positive. I am sure that in the modern era of media you will find less and less squeeky clean prospects because of the massive multi media environment we live in...and sad as it maybe....everyone has something going on...even if it is your father or brother or whoever. And it will come out sooner or later. But to be honest i can't stop laughing about the thought of him tossing that laptop out of the window that is pretty funny. So he a lost cause?...or was he just a kid acting like a idiot?

There have only been 8954825402452 posts about Newton here. But i felt i had to share a different perspective only because i feel like some facts about him are in error on the field and as far as what he is as a player. But this is my opinion :)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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