NFL Live: Buffalo a perfect fit for Cam Newton

Anyone catch NFL live today? There was about a 10 minute segment about Cam Newton and the Bills, with Trent Dilfer, Mark Schlereth, and Kordell Stewart as a guest discussing how Buffalo would be a perfect fit for Cam Newton. What did they accomplish? Convinced me that Jake Locker is a better fit for Buffalo that Cam Newton is (OK, I already thought that, but they furthered my views).

Just because Buffalo might be the best place for Cam is making a lot people speculate the Bills will draft him. But I think the most important point is being ignored: is Cam Newton the best fit for the Bills?

To me, this answer is no. During this segment the announcers gave some reasons for why the Bills were a good fit, pretty much everyone about Chan Gailey:

1) Gailey is known as being able to develop mobile QB's

2) Gailey used a pistol formation with Tyler Thigpin to take advantage of his mobility and ability to throw on the run, something they believed would help Newton transition to a pro style offense (gradually improve footwork from under center)

3) Gailey can make a young QB make good decisions and improve their decision making (Kordell Stewart led his team to the AFC championship his first year as a starter- says Gaileys ability to help him make smart decisions was main reason for success)


So let me ask this- which one of those reasons better qualifies Newton to be our next QB than Locker? What is it that Cam Newton does better than Locker exactly? Locker is arguably faster. Locker throws much better on the run. Locker has experience in a pro style offense and taking snaps under center. Locker is a leader.

OK, so he doesn't throw the ball extremely accurate from the pocket. But what has Newton done to show he is a good pocket passer? He really didn't have to make a ton of NFL throws, and he had a much better supporting cast (both WR's and OL) to do so with. 

Give Locker a season or two behind Fitz, improve his footwork which will help his accuracy. Teach him to make better decisions in the pocket. When the time comes, let Gailey use his offensive mind to ease Locker into a pro system and play off his strongest skill- throwing on the run.

Let me finish this off by asking this- how long can Newtons ego handle sitting on the bench behind Fitzpatrick? Can the team rally behind a player who will enter the league with the kind of arrogant attitude that Cam has? Locker just seems much more level headed and able to handle the roll as the "apprentice".

Just my thoughts though, I understand that some people will just simply feel Cam is a better QB. Agree to disagree I suppose- I just feel if we can drop down a few slots and grab Locker who is a better fit for Buffalo and not the other way around.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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