Brain Drain

Alright fellow Rumblers' - I have some things I wanted to throw down in writing and hopefully get some responses and quality discussion going.  Here goes...

Yesterday we were discussing the offensive line interior - think about the depth we have there.  We know we have 2 quality starters in Wood and Levitre and certainly another serviceable starter in Hangartner - but think about the depth that the interior has now:  Wrotto, Rinehart, Wang, Urbik and Cordaro Howard.  To me we have 3 good starters and maybe an elite starter in Wood on the interior with a whole bunch of guys that are young with plenty of upside.  

Stacking players on players? - I'd be shocked if we picked up an interior player in this whole draft unless someone just heads and tails grades out better than other players - to me - the interior is set.  Those guys are all going to be battling hard for a roster spot and one or 2 guys are going to distance themselves from the other guys and be solid backup options for us.  What do you guys think? 

To piggy back that - think WR: Evans, Johnson, Parrish, Nelson, Jones, Easley, Roosevelt (you can add Huggins or Hubbard but those guys are STer's and fringe players to me).  Now, adding a Green or Jones to that mix would be fantastic - but Evans, Johnson, Parrish and Nelson to me have shown that they belong in this league.  You can squabble about Parrish and his size but when he's on the field he's a match up nightmare from the slot.  He's no WR#2 - but he's certainly a quality slot guy - just wish he were a little stronger.  Outside of Green or Jones - I don't see us taking a WR at all either.   What do you guys think?

For some reason - I really think the Bills are going to grab a RT at 34.  The OT class isn't that deep this year and teams a lot of times wait for "runs" at certain positions before grabbing a guy.  I really can see only 2 or 3 OT's going in the 1st round and 3 might be pushing it - Smith, Carimi, Solder, Costanzo - to me are the front runners - but i'm not sold on all 4 of them going in the 1st and really think the Bills could get either their 1st or 2nd rated RT at 34 and an instant starter there.  

Peterson, Miller, Dareus, Fairley and Bowers are the only guys that I want OBD looking at for #3.  Bowers knee scares me too much - id really rather not take the chance there though. 

Is it any surprise that the Bills are saying they are going defense in such a defensive talented draft? Not really!

To touch on QB - I think the Bills will pass on QB at #3 because no QB has distanced themselves from the pack, if you will, and all of them have some major question marks.  Andrew Luck would be a no brainier #1 pick let alone a no brainier # 3 pick.  I just can't see Nix and Chan taking a QB at 3 when they have such question marks. 

I was thinking about SS and was thinking - who are the best SS's in the NFL?  Not FS, but SS and where does Whitner fit into that list?  I bet higher than most would think....

CB, S, OLB, ILB, DE are such big concerns to me right now that we need to start plugging those holes with starter quality players - which is why I was on board with Brian's Peterson pick - he'd do wonders for our secondary.  

However, we need to get to the QB as Nix stated - that's a must and i'm glad he went after Merriman even if some people don't like it - I do because it's a chance at being great.  You can't be great without taking chances and if it doesn't work out they will cut their losses and move on - we've seen that already.  Squabble about cash all you want - but these guys are trying to bring impact players to the team. 

Here are the positions where I feel the Bills need immediate starters:  TE, RT, DE, OLB, ILB, ILB, SS, CB - whittle that list down to 3rd pick prospects and you get - DE, OLB, CB - now if you go back and look at my top prospects for the Bills I feel pretty confident that one of those guys will get picked.

Some things I think:

I think the Bills have been terrible drafters for a long time and I think a big part of that was over thinking on players.  I think they tended to go with upside instead of solid picks that might not be as glamorous.  Last years Nix draft kind of told me that they were going the more safe and solid route than the more upside but higher bust potential.

I think I don't like them moving the kick off to the 35.

I think Rian Lindell loves it :)

I think the owners and players are both wrong and need to get this mess straightened out ASAP.  They are losing money and the fans are growing impatient. 

I think the NFL really needs to consider advanced concussion prevention helmets and stop worrying about licensing. 

I think i'm excited for the new Bills uniforms.  

I think Dave Wannstedt is going to really help our defense - first by identifying issues and 2nd his overall knowledge. 

I think the Bills finally have a good combination of a coach who understands the game and the front office guy that will try and get that coach what he needs. 

I think it's great that Ralph is keeping his business out of the war room.

I think it's great that Brandon is keeping his business out of the war room.

I think it's great that Nix and Chan don't want persuaders - just informers in the war room.

I think I want the Bills to finally get the playoffs so the most dedicated fans in the NFL can finally see their team fight for a SB - I think we've earned that much.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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