QB that is the right fit for the Buffalo area

I’ve been reading quite a few posts devoted to anti-Cam Newton sentiment. One person had said that Buffalo can’t afford the chance that Cam busts or it puts Buffalo into an irreversible black hole and that were on the fringe of extinction. Kind of been teetering on that edge a while already, haven’t we?

First off – any QB coming in will meet doubters from Bills fans, including me. Our expectations are too high. If a QB pick at 3 comes out of the gate strong like Matt Ryan or Sam Bradford he'll be a messiah. If he has marginal flashes like Matt Stafford and we still go 6 and 10 he'll get run out of town. Our patience for results has grown thin in 11 years. I get that and I understand. There is a lot of talk about who is the right fit for the area. The answer is no one. We have already crucified any QB we’d consider first round.

If not a QB in round one, not this year – then when? I happen to agree with the statistics I once saw in this forum referencing success rate of QB’s based on round drafted. It supported the mentality that if you want your guy, better get him round one. There are plenty of QB’s in this draft that are going to be good backups. Not a whole lot of them are what I’d consider special. Not sure we need Christian Ponder or even a Jake Lockler or a 5th round project QB that we hope is Tom Brady. This team (this town) needs a savior. Anything less isn’t going to do for us. Life is about risk/reward and I think that when a guy of Newton’s physical ability and potential comes along – you have to recognize that. Regardless of what you think of his persona and ever-present posse and or what kind of character he has. I was the first and loudest to say “hell no” when there was chatter about Michael Vick coming to Buffalo. Do you think there’s many Bills fans out there that didn’t wish his past season didn’t happen in a Bills uniform? Risk=Reward ... in that case anyway. There's always risk. Cannot be avoided.

I like Newton for the same (and different) reasons I liked Tim Tebow last year. Tebow was inspiring. I would have backed him just because  of his need to compete and drive to win. It would have made me overlook his passing shortcomings. Newton is intriguing for different reasons. He’s intriguing because of his unbelievable physical abilities. The comparison I’m trying to draw on Tebow/Newton is that they both have “something” that translated into a ton of wins.

Near the end of the season this year I played referee to an email argument two of my buddies were having at the time over Andrew Luck vs. Cam Newton. Below is my favorite part of that exchange ...

... “Cam Newton is one of the top athletes to come out of college in years (if not decades). And he is a winner (undefeated in the SEC this year is a ridiculous accomplishment and can't be overlooked).  Don't complicate things guys. Don't make arguments for the sake of making arguments.  Don't analyze how spread offenses qbs translate to the NFL.  Don't listen to ESPN.  Just pick the best athlete and hope for the best.  Trust me on this one, we want Cam. Especially considering we are never going to have all the pieces that a traditional QB needs to succeed (notice how your boy PM is doing this year with a much less supporting cast - and he is Peyton Manning and still struggling). We need a superhero.  We need Cam Newton!”

I agree with him. Take a shot.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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