First Round Mock (with trades)


Carolina Panthers- DaQuan Bowers


The Panthers need to get better on offense but they chose to go with the safe pick over a QB here. In a division filled with stud QB’s they need to get improve their pass rush, and Bowers provides a long term answer for the void left by Julius Peppers’ departure.


Arizona Cardinals (f/DEN)- Blaine Gabbert


Arizona wants to jump Buffalo and Cincinnati to get their guy at QB, and Denver decides to trade back knowing they can still grab an elite defensive player at #5. Blaine Gabbert provides an upgrade at the most important position on the field and is a potential long term answer as a franchise QB.


Buffalo Bills- Patrick Peterson


With no QB worth taking at #3 the Bills decide to sure up the defense. Dareus is a strong consideration here, but with the depth available on the defensive line they chose to add the stud CB to play opposite to McGee/McKelvin and address the DL in the 2nd.


Cincinnati Bengals- Nick Fairley


The Bengals could go any number of directions with this pick, but Fairley is a perfect fit to slow down the strong ground games in the AFC North.


Denver Broncos (f/ARI) – Marcell Dareus


The Broncos desperately need a defensive lineman and Dareus will provide a big, athletic presence in the middle.


Cleveland Browns- AJ Green


Cleveland needs a WR bad, and AJ Green is too talented to pass up.


San Francisco 49ers- Robert Quinn


Quinn is one of the most talented players in the draft and will instantly improve a lackluster pass rush.


Tennessee Titans- Von Miller


The Titans chose to simply go with the best player available here, and Von Miller would be a great addition to any defense.


Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara


Dallas has a lot of issues in the secondary and Prince will provide an immediate impact as a starter.


Washington Redskins-Julio Jones


Washington decides to put a big body opposite to Santana Moss and sure up a shaky WR corps.


Jacksonville Jaguars (f/ HOU)- Cam Newton


Jacksonville wants to jump Minnesota and Miami to grab Newton and Houston happily steps back a few slots and picks up some extra picks.


Minnesota Vikings- Cameron Jordan


With Newton off the boards Minnesota grabs a DE to play opposite to Jared Allen.


Detroit Lions- Ryan Kerrigan


With Suh drawing double teams in the middle Kerrigan will provide some pressure from the outside.


St. Louis Rams- Anthony Costonzo


With Jones off the board St. Louis takes the durable, reliable OT to help protect their franchise QB.


Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram


The Dolphins had their eye on Cam Newton, but now turn to Mark Ingram to fill the void at RB


Houston Texans (f/JAC)- JJ Watt


JJ Watt provides great value here and is a great fit for Wade Phillips 3-4 system.


New England Patriots- Aldon Smith


The Patriots can afford to take the chance on the super athletic OLB and gain a rusher off the edge.


San Diego Chargers- Brandon Harris


Bob Sanders provides an upgrade at safety, and now the Chargers add an athletic CB to further improve their secondary.


New York Giants- Phil Taylor


While some may think this is too high for Taylor he is a great fit in NY. He provides a big body in the middle and his stamina won’t be an issue as they frequently use defensive sets with 3-4 DE’s on the field on passing downs.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Nate Solder


Tampa can go a number of directions with this pick but ultimately decide to add a OT to help protect Freeman.


Kansas City Chiefs-Stephen Paea


LB is a consideration here, but the Chiefs want to add some quality depth to their DL and Paea can effectively play the 0-technique in their 3-4.


Tennessee Titans (f/IND)- Jake Locker


The Colts start receiving a lot of phone calls from teams trying to move up for Locker and decide they can move back and fill a couple different needs. Meanwhile Tennessee grabs a QB that they can build around.


Philadelphia Eagles- Justin Houston


The Eagles land an athletic OLB who can put some pressure on opposing QB’s.


New Orleans Saints- Jimmy Smith


The Saints sure up their weak secondary by taking an athletic CB.


Seattle Seahawks- Adrian Clayborn


Seattle chooses an big, athletic DE who can play against the run and pass.


Baltimore Ravens- Kyle Rudolph


Todd Heap is past his prime and Rudolph will allow the Ravens to use more 2 TE sets much like the Patriots did this past season.


Atlanta Falcons- Rahim Moore


Aaron Williams is also an option but the Falcons are thin at Safety and Moore is an instant upgrade at the position.


Dallas Cowboys (f/NE)- Cameron Heyward


Dallas addressed there secondary earlier in the round and now wants to move up to grab a DL to stop the run. New England is always happy to move back and grab more picks.


Chicago Bears- Tyron Smith


Chicago grabs an athletic OT to help protect Jay Cutler.


New York Jets- Jonathan Baldwin


Akeem Ayers is an option to replace Jason Taylor here, but with the future of Holmes and Edwards uncertain the Jets decide to address the offensive side of the ball and grab a talented WR.


Pittsburgh Steelers- Gabe Carimi


Mike Pouncey is also an option, but the Steelers chose to add a RT to give Roethlisberger better protection up front.


Green Bay Packers-Martez Wilson


Hawk may have been retained, but the Packers still chose to add a big, athletic ILB to their talented front 7.

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