Bills All-Time Greats Offense….

Of course it is up for debate but I put a list together of my top offensive players since the 60’s. Some were easy and some were difficult to try to come up with.

1)---Jim Kelly, this one is a no brainer.
2)---Jack Kemp, he did win 2 AFL Championships.
3)---Joe Ferguson, he had OJ but still put up excellent numbers
4)---Drew Bledsoe, hit some great numbers in his few years in town
5)---Doug Flutie, fan favorite brought excitement and playoff appearances

1)--- OJ Simpson, to me the greatest pure RB I’ve seen in person—Poetry in motion!
2)---Thurman Thomas, best all around back in Bills history.
3)---Cookie Gilchrist. The AFL’s version of Jim Brown (RIP)
4)---Joe Cribbs, was a Thurman style of player. Too bad he jumped to another league
5)---Travis Henry, personnel problems derailed his tenure in Buffalo.

1)---Andre Reed, should be in the HOF
2)---Eric Moulds,if he only had a steady QB he might have made the HOF
3)—Elbert (Golden Wheels)Dubenion. Deep threat averaged 18 ypc.
4)---Frank Lewis, deep threat in the early 80’s 17.2 ypc and a willing blocker
5)---James Lofton, final piece to the K-Gun—is in the HOF

1)---Pete Metzelaars, 10 years as a starter with 4 SB appearances.
2)---Paul Costa, 2 pro-bowls, career ypc 16.7 in 4 seasons as a TE, finished career as a starting RT.
3)---Paul Seymour, not a receiving threat but a great blocker for the "Electric Company".
4)---Ernie Warlick, only played 4 years but was in 4 straight Pro-Bowls 62-65
5)—Keith McKeller, will always be synonymous with the Kelly led K-Gun offense

1)---Billy Shaw, one of the best ever an original AFL player is in both HOF’s
2)---Joe Delamielleure, led the way for the Juice HOFer
3)---Rueben Brown, 9 Pro Bowls
4)---Jim Ritcher, drafted as a center 14 years in Buffalo, 2 Pro Bowls and 20 playoff games.
5)---Reggie McKenzie, lead blocker for the Juice , 11 years in B-lo.

1)---Stew Barber, 5 pro-bowls, two 1st team All-pro and two AFL Championships
2)---Will Wolford, such a shame he was lost to the Colts "He Coulda been the Best"!!
3)---Howard Ballard. "The House" blossomed then left 2 pro-bowls
4)---John Fina, a 10 year starter at LT steady but unspectacular
5)---Jason Peters, developed under Mouse McNally (2-pro bowls) when Mouse left so did Peters persona.

1)---Kent Hull, the best center the Bills ever had, 3 pro bowls, two 1st team all pro & 19 playoff games
2)---Al Bemiller, 9 years with 7 as the center, 2 AFL Championships
3)---Mike Montler, anchor of the famed "Electric Company"
4)---Eric Wood----Hmmmmm hopefully in the future!!
5)---I couldn’t come up with a #5

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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