My Mock Draft (w Trade!)

OK, let's assume Arizona moves up to select Newton or Gabbert at 2, after Carolina takes Fairley/Dareus at 1.  Now, other teams are chomping at the bit to move up to get the remaining top tier QB.  Minnesota, Washington, even Tennessee trying to woo the Bills with picks.  But Washington has no 3 or 4, so to give away 2, 3, and 4 with all the holes they have would even give Dan Snyder pause.  Minny would also have to give up 2, 3, and 4 (they've already traded away their 3), and I think they are on the verge of a partial rebuild, so they need to get younger fast...the Bills think they are still two years from contenting for the playoffs, so they decide to make the deal to grab some more picks to continue the roster overhaul.  We give an anxious TN the 3rd pick and we get their 8, TN's 2nd, and their 4th. 

So with that, the Bills go: 

#8:  Robert Quinn, OLB/DE:  scheme versatile, an impact pass rusher, an explosive playmaker.  With some coaching, he could be servicable in dropping in zone blitz packages.  A risk?  Sure.  But I'm assuming Von Miller is off the board, and Quinn is bigger/stronger anyways. 

#34:  Christian Ponder, QB:  sitting for a year or two helps him regain his health (aka build up his arm strength), adjust to a pro offense, and benefit from the Gailey coaching.  Is smart, accurate, and mobile.  Seems like a much more accurate Fitz, which would have the benefit of not having to adjust the system much, if at all.  Assuming Locker is off the board here, but I like Ponder better regardless.

#39:  Christian Ballard, DL/DE:  again, scheme versatile, has great size.  Could be a playmaker, also adds some pass rush.  More talent on top of talent, adds a lot of explosiveness to the DL rotation but is disciplined and can stop the run.  Big motor guy. 

#68:  Davon House, CB:  Not sure if he'll slide this far, but a playmaking corner to energize the DB corps.  Physical, not on the same level as the first rounders, but Chix indicated one of their needs is CB.  This is a good value.  Thought about Brooks Reed here. 

#99:  Orlando Franklin, OT/OG:  Can play RT, has a good mean streak, is reasonably mobile (given Chan likes to shift/move the line a bit).  He could climb, but I'd guess he's the 7-8th of a weak OT class.  Could be here.  And could start at RT in short order.     

#108:  Casey Matthews, ILB: Trendy pick, I guess, but I like Matthews b/c he will know what it takes to succeed in the NFL, works hard, and he can COVER tight ends!  That alone makes him a good target.  Also, a nice blitzer up the middle, which we could use.  A winner, and a 4 year player.  Would be a great special teams player. 

#121:  Lance Kendricks, TE: Athletic, can catch AND block, a must with the gang starting at RT.  Comes from a program that produces NFL-ready TEs.  If he can catch 40 balls, I'd consider him a tremendous success.  Eventually, the Bills have to hit on a Tight End, right?  Thought about Demarcus van Dyke here as a CB. 

#130:  Lee Ziemba, OG:  The kind of hard-working OL that Bills fans love, has a nice mean streak and is positionally flexible.  Likely a G in the NFL but could play RT in a pinch.  More quality depth on a line that needs it, from a national champion program. 

#164:  Mario Harvey, ILB:  4-year guy, big hitter, can blitz in certain packages, and most importantly, a great run defender.  Solid special teamer.  More depth on the LB corps. 

#195:  Jeron Johnson, SS:  Got a bit of Donte in him in that he likes to go for (and miss) the big hit too often, another 4-year guy who's teams have had a lot of success.  Could be a cost-effective replacement for the former 8th pick overall.  Sheesh, that last phrase made my head hurt. 

Would love this crew, but maybe a couple guys too fanciful at those spots.  Thoughts?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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