No Mock, Just Wanna Talk

It's been a while since my hand have graced the keyboard to make a FanPost and after reading J2 Brain Drain it kind of inspired me to pretty much do the same just with different topics.

The draft gets people some amped up (me included) that we tend to forget certain things; the little things, the stuff that seems to slip through the cracks in the offseason, like the releasing of Marcus Stroud to open up space for younger more athletic guys, or the Eric Wood move to Centre. We as a group don't seem to talk about this stuff because were so "amped" for the draft.

I love the Stroud release, i've been screaming for it for such a long time my throat hurts, and how many of us have been pushing for Wood at Centre, I like Hang, but let's be honest, I don't think he's done half the job Wood will do.

Wasn't it awesome to hear Chan address Free Agency, " we've targeted our guys, now we just have to contact them". Who have you targeted Chan? a TE, a ILB, a SS. TELL US

I've read so many Mock drafts on here and everywhere else on the internet my brain hurts. I, in my life, have never seen a pick have so many different players slotted at it. Is it Peterson, Green, Dareus, Fairley, Newton, Gabbert, Miller, Bowers or someone else? who knows. But Gailey and Nix have stated it's probably going to be a defense heavy draft, (which most of us expected right?) So the real question is where do we take our offensive players? do we take them early and get a high impact guy, or do we take them late and hope for a developmental player?

What about the guys we already have. The Moats', the Kelsay's, The Merriman's. To me these guys have to start. Moats was just getting it at the end of the year. Kelsay is a guy most of us hate but lets face it 1. he get's paid way to much to be sat down, 2. he's such a high energy guy and a leader he has to be played right? and Merriman is getting paid to work out so he can definatly play come the start of the year. ( Are we going to have a year?)

So with those three guys it begs the question do we need a OLB, is it a high priority. Miller is one of the best prospects in the draft, he can get to the QB, but he's small and squirrely.

What about Carrington and Troup? Brian just wrote an article on the importance of these kids. Are we going to draft even younger guys that are more talented then them? are the players we are going to draft better then them? maybe this years draft isn't as strong as last years or maybe its 10X better.

Steve Johnson, (love ya brother) can we honestly say we will expect the same production from a virtual unknown to the league last year. There will be lots of film on him and lots of corners gunning to shut him down. He's not the fastest guy in the world, but he's smooth; so smooth. Chan has preached perfection to these receivers and by doing so I think he has created a real good thing in Stevie. Stevie you gotta do it brother were routing for ya.

Ryan Fitz......... It seems everyone, except those of us here at BR, thinks we need to replace you with a high round not a sure shot QB. I think your good, I think you will be better this year then last with a full offseason with Chan under your belt and a year and a half with your recievers, go make it happen, because without you playing good football, were toast.

Fred Jackson and Cliff need to be a dynamic duo. We better not draft a RB this year, we have Ganther and that other kid to be third string we don't need to waste a pick on a RB. To many holes to fill.

I can't speak for everyone, but wasn't last year kind of like a breath of fresh air. To long has this team toiled in mediocrity, it was awesome to finish real low in the league standings so we could get a high draft pick. I was tired of picking 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th. Its to late to get a sure shot and it's to early to get a long shot. So if we have to finish 4-12 for a year to get a high pick SWEET (sure it sucks being the laughing stock of the league) but it was about time this team stopped over achieving. To be honest, I wouldn't mind another 4-12 season, I also wouldn't mind 12-4 season either, just not another 6-10 or 7-9 to finish middle of the pack and back to the same routine, please be one or the other, not a middle of the pack team.

and last but not least Bring back Paully P. I really don't care about Donte, but bring back Paully P, bring in a big strong, fast, athletic ILB and bring back Paully P and our run defense will pay you back for years Buddy Nix

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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