My Draft thoughts, rounds 1-3

Hi everyone. I'm a huge Bills fan and I really want them to have a great draft. I think, after last season, the future looks bright and I'm excited about how Coach Chan will continue to build the team. Below are my thoughts on just the first 3 rounds of the draft. Let me know what you guys think. 

I think Carolina will take Cam Newton no. 1.

I think Denver will take M. Dareus no. 2.

1st Scenario for the Bills: We could trade down, as long as someone is willing to trade up. I would love it if we could move back into the 6-10 range, and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. The more young talent we get, the better we can be. So, if we could trade down this is what I think would be good for the Bills:

1st round)  J.J. Watt - DE, Wisconsin or Cameron Jordan - DE, Cal:  I like Watt a little bit more than Jordan becasue he is an absolute beast, plays all-out every play, has great character whcih makes him a good leader, and I think he is still improving since he has only played DE for 2 years. However, I would be happy with either of these players. I like both of these guys better than Quinn, who didn't play last year or Bowers, who has knee concerns.

2nd round1)  Best OT on the board or C. Ponder - QB, Florida State or Colin Kaepernick - QB, Nevada: I think if the Bills get a solid defensive lineman in the 1st round, then they probably should NOT take another one in the 2nd. (I think Carrington and Troup are going to be solid players). I also think we will be able to get solid LB help later in the draft. Thus, I really like the idea of getting a good Tackle at this point. I'm not sold on the idea that the Bills need to draft a QB this year. The only QBs I like in the 2nd are Ponder and Keapernick. If the Bills wait on a QB till later in this draft, or until next year, I won't mind. It would be cool if we get Stanzi from Iowa in the 4th, or T. Taylor from V. Tech in the 5th or 6th.

2nd round2)  Luke Stocker - TE, Tennessee: I think this guy is going to be a really good NFL tight end, and I miss the days of Pete Metzelaars making big plays for the Bills.

3rd round)  Kelvin Sheppard - ILB, LSU or  Quan Sturdivant - ILB, North Carolina:  The Bills need to pick up some LBs in the draft and I think either of these guys will be good. I'm not sure that either will make it to the 3rd round, and I think the Bills should consider one with their 2nd, 2nd round pick.

2nd scenario for the Bills: If the Bills are unable to trade down, or if they are unwilling to trade down, this is what I think they should do:

1st round)  Patrick Peterson - CB, LSU: Our defensive backfield os not as solid as some people think, and since the other defensive positions are much deeper than DB, I think Peterson is a talent that we shouldn't pass up. I know a lot of people are high on Von Miller right now, but I am concerned he is too small and will get pushed around too easily in the NFL. I am also concerned that his technique with his hands is not very good, and I think he has more "bust" potential than Peterson.

2nd round)  Christian Ballard - DE, Iowa: I love Ballard's intensity and his high motor. He is a versatile lineman that is still developing his technique. He would be a great fit next to Kyle Williams. Another option with the 2nd pick would be one of the QBs I had mentioned in the 1st scenario, but if we go Peterson in the 1st, I would prefer a DE in the 2nd.

3rd round)  Sheppard - ILB, LSU or Sturdivant - ILB, North Carolina or best OT available: I still really like the idea of getting at least one LB in the first 3 rounds, but if there is still a really promising tackle on the board in the 3rd, then we should think hard about taking him.

Additional comments:

Gabbert - I think Gabbert has the smarts and the physical tools to be a good QB, but right now I think his pocket awareness is not very good. I'm afraid that he will get sacked and forced into too many bad throws in the NFL, and though his awareness could improve with time, I don't think he is worth our 3rd pick.

I really love that Coach Gailey has already said we will be drafting Defense heavy in the draft. If we can begin to rebuild the defense with tough young players, I think we have a chance to be really good again in the very near future.

Draft- Regardless of who the Bills draft, I will be rooting for those players to succeed. Go Bills !!!!

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