I Think We Can All Agree On 1 Thing

What do the Buffalo Bills need more then anything else?

What do The Bills not have in common with the elites in this league?

What do the Bills have an excess of?

The answer to all these questions are very similar. We have to many plugs and not enough Starting calibre players.

So what do we need to do in this draft more then anything? Add players who # 1 can and will contribute, and # 2 Player that have enough "swag, moxy, ability" to start in the NFL.

I don't care who the players are or what position they play, they need to be able to come in and start.

I'm going to use and example of a team not many of us would like to compare the Bills. (maybe some of us like this comparison) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In 2009 The Bucs selected: 4 Starting calibre players out of 6 picks

1: Josh Freeman  QB - Starter

3: Roy Miller  DT - Starter

4: Kyle Moore DE - Contributor

5: Xavier Fulton OL - Not on Roster

7: E.J. Biggers DB - Starter

7: Sammie Stroughter WR - Starter/Contributor - Depending on the day

In 2010 The Bucs drafted: 3 Starters out of 8 picks

1: Gerald McCoy DT - Starter

2: Brian Price DT - Contributor

2: Arrouilous Benn WR - Contributor

3: Myron Lewis CB - Contributor

4: Mike WIlliams WR - Starter

5: Brian Bowden P - Not on Roster

6: Dekoda Watson LB - Starter

7: Erik Lorig DE - Contributor

Now this only going back 2 years and I haven't gone back any further because I just want to compare that to The Bills last 2 drafts. 3 of the Bills 8 picks in 2009 were starters Wood, Levitre and Byrd and in 2010 Arthur Moats was the only starter drafted out of 8 picks while Troup and Carrington are contributors but thats 4 Starters out of 16 picks and the majority of the picks aren't even contributors. Thats depressing.

The Bucs turned it around last year and almost made the playoffs (and I know almost doesn't count) but they are on the right track. They hired a coach in Raheem Morris that went against every ones conventional wisdom and the Bills hired Gailey against every ones convential wisdom. So in reality these two teams are very similar in terms of the direction they want to be headed in.

So as Bills fans, I suggest we steer clear of being picky and wanting set players. I'm ok with this team just adding starting quality talent at as many of the draft picks we can regardless of position or need. We need starters folks, we need talent, not plugs we need talent!!

And if we look at Tampa's drafting, it shows us you can find starting quality talent late in drafts, Sammie Stroughter was the Bucs last pick in 2009 and is one of the teams leading receivers. Heck David Nelson wasn't even drafted and he was one of our best offensive weapons last year. The Bills need to hit on at least 3 picks at LEAST 3 to even consider this a successful draft.

So I say enough with a this player or that player mentality, LETS JUST GET STARTERS folks and walk away from the 2011 NFL Draft happy that our team added quality talent.

P.S. I know it can't be a good thing when your using the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a comparison but hey reality shows us thats where we are at right now.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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