Showing you the baby,

As sick and tired as I am of reading mock draft after mock draft, I've finally given in and decided to post my own. This is not my prediction of what Nix and the Bills will do, cause let's be honest, none of us really have any clue what they will do. This is just my list of how I would do my best to "Show you the baby" if I were in charge; which, it's probably a good thing that I'm not :

Below is a list of my first 3 picks for the Bills with my ideal choice, and a secondary choice if the first guy is gone when they pick. I only went three rounds, because after that it gets too messy with so many options that may or may not be availabe, it makes my head hurt. 

With the number 3 Pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Bills select:

- My first choice here would be Marcel Dareus Alabama DL. 

 He's a big, talented, NFL ready D-lineman that can handle double teams and collapse the pocket. He has the versitility to play in the Bills 3-4/ 4-3 hybrid defense.

- If Dareus is gone, my next choice would be Robert Quinn, UNC OLB/DE

Some will claim he is reach at 3, I will claim (with all due respect the Uber athletic Vonn Miller) that Quinn is the best pure pass rusher in this draft and has the size and skill to knock Brady on his whiney butt for years to come. He also has the versitlity to play Jack in a 3-4 or DE in 40 looks.

With the 34th pick:

- My first choice if he's available is Christian Ponder, QB FSU.

I think he is the best all around QB in this draft. He's smart, accurate, has all the intangibles. i will admit his eblow injury does worry me slightly, but not enough to keep me from taking a guy I believe can lead a franchise. 

- If Ponder is gone, my next choice would be :

- Here's where it gets tricky, if the Bills were able to take Dareus at 3, I would take Benjamin Ijalana, OT Nova.

 He can challenge to start at RT and if nothing else provides talented depths as  swing tackle.


- If the Bills couldn't get Dareus at 3, I would take Marvin Austin, DT UNC.

 We know hes'a character risk, but I can't look past his speed and athletic ability for a man his size. When this guy is motivated, he can make plays all over the field. He has the versitility to play 5 technique in 3-4 looks and DTin 4-3 looks. I Think he is worth the risk at 34 if the Bills miss out on Dareus at 3.

With the 68th pick, The Bills select:

- My first choice is Brandon Harris, CB Miami

He's not Patrick Peterson, but he would make a shaky position a little deeper with the potential to be a good starting corner down the road.

- If Harris is gone, my next choice is Luke Stocker, TE Tennessee

He's a decent reciever and good Red Zone target. Also a good down field blocker, although he could use some improvement at the point of attack.


And that my friends, is how I would build a team to deliver a baby. Or at least point it in the direction of a pregnant woman, (too much? my bad).

Honorable Mention for other players I like a lot that I would like to see in a Bills uniform depending on how things shake out:

Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson

Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame (Even though I hate Notre Dame)

Greg Carimi OT Wisconson

Bruce Carter LB UNC

Casey Matthews LB Oregon

Let me know what you think or if you want any further explanations for my picks. GO BILLS!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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