Mock Draft Fan Poll: Round 4 (II)

After another close round of voting, OT Joseph Barksdale was the winner with 26% of the vote.  The other OT Marcus Gilbert finished with 12% meaning 38% of Rumblers want the Bills to draft an OT in the top of the fourth.  In second was ILB Kelvin Sheppard with 20% of the vote, with ILB Casey Matthews rounding out the group with 11% of the group.  

Round 1: DL Marcell Dareus - Alabama (31% - 33%)
Round 2: QB Jake Locker - Washington (13% - 33%)
Round 3LB Quan Sturdivant - North Carolina (29% - 39%)
Round 4: OT Joseph Barksdale - LSU (26% - 38%)


The NFL Draft is less than 2 weeks away!  As always, please remember to voice your opinion for the players listed below and have fun.  Go Bills!

FB Owen Marecic - Stanford [6-1, 248, 4.87]
While the Bills do not necessarily need a new fullbcak, Marecic comes with the benefit of doubling as an inside linebacker.  As a fullback, Marecic ran for 9 TDs in his career and after dabbling with inside tackle in his senior year recorded 51 tackles and 2 sacks.  

OT Chris Hairston - Clemson [6-6, 326, 5.38]
For those of you who would like to see the Bills draft two tackles (one left and one right), Hairston brings in that possibility.  Playing for the Tigers' left side, Hairston has good agility and run blocking attributes but analysts believe he'll need better physical conditioning to make it in the pros.

TE Virgil Green - Nevada [6-3, 249, 4.54]
Green emerged in the combines as a top ten tight end prospect with his speed and pass catching.  With 71 catches for 911 yards and 11 TDs, Green's biggest problem is his lack of blocking ability but could be seen as a backup fullback as well.

TE Rob Housler - Florida Atlantic [6-5, 248, 4.46]
After gaining about 30 pounds, Housler still performed with good pass catching and speed in the combines.  Housler is a pure pass catching tight end with his great hand work.  In the two years he started Housler recorded 71 receptions for 1,148 yards and 8 TDs.  Housler will need to develop blocking skills, but his bulking up will help that.  

DL Lawrence Guy - Arizona State [6-4, 305, 4.96]
Guy is a prospect that has the ideal size and speed for a 3-4 DE and would largely serve as depth support for a while.  In his career, Guy accumulated 122 tackles and 8 sacks. While he has good speed, he'll need to refine his technique before making a significant impact.

OLB Cheta Ozougwu - Rice [6-2, 247, 4.84]
Ozougwu, aside from having an awesome name, appeared on Walter's list out of nowhere, but for a good reason. With 198 tackles and 10 sacks over four years, Ozougwu has a good initial burst of speed, but lacks elite physicality for a 3-4 OLB.

OLB Greg Romeus - Pittsburgh [6-5, 264, 4.79]
Before having to sit out of senior year with a major injury, Romeus was a highly touted DE/OLB.  Before his senior year, Romeus posted 135 tackles and 19 sacks.  Roemus has good speed all around, but his biggest concern is how well his knee has healed.

ILB Colin McCarthy - Miami [6-1, 238, 4.59]
A solid inside linebacker for the Canes, McCarthy has good size, good tackling ability and speed to contribute with. In four years, McCarthy has posted 297 tackles, 5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles.  As a bonus, McCarthy is a stand out player on special teams.

CB Jalil Brown - Colorado [6-1, 204, 4.51]
With teammate Jimmy Smith stealing the spotlight in this draft, Brown is an equally capable cornerback that could make it to the bottom fourth.  In four years, Brown  accumulated 137 tackles and 6 interceptions. Brown has good physicality when playing and excels in zone defenses.

SS Shiloh Keo - Idaho [5-11, 219, 4.74]
One of the higher ranked safeties in this class due to a strong combine, Keo recorded 357 tackles and 11 interceptions. Keo has good strength and defending against the pass, but could use better awareness.

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