Full 7 round mock draft for the Buffalo Bills


I tried to stick to what seems to be the Chix philosophy of drafting. That philosophy from the little evidence that we have is one year wonders are not worth the risk and take the best player on your board. Obviously I do not know what the bills draft board looks like. I will use a few different sources and a try to get a person I believe will work for the bills. The bills are void at talent at just about everything.

Round 1 pick 3- Marcell Dareus DT, Alabama  Height: 6-3  Weight: 319

 I would love for the bills to pick a quarterback here. I just do not know if there is one I would take this high ,but if chix does believe in one of the two they should pick him here. I am not completely sold on either one so I will pass on them both.  Buffalo needs all the help they can on the defensive side of the ball.  One pick no matter how great will not fix everything. Marcell will not fix the run defense or the pass rush all by himself. Landing a blue chip defensive player will help the team achieve a much better front 7. Marcell  would most likely play de for buffalo. He is a perfect fit for the defense in buffalo. He played in a 3-4 defense under nick saban.  Nick Saban does not run a simple  defense and this will only be an aid to marcell at the next level. Marcell has the size to have scheme versatility in the NFL.  At Alabama he was moved around on the line to exploit mismatches something buffalo would be smart to do.  Depending on how they pan out a starting line of marcell, torell, and Alex Carrington could very well become a formidable trio(not to forget Kyle Williams). Interesting side note Alabama had  32 former players on active rosters last year in the NFL according to

The rest of the picks come after the jump.


Round 2 Pick 34- Colin Kaepernick QB , Nevada  Height: 6-5 Weight:233

The beginning of the second round is where the run on second tier quarterback prospects is likely to start. The other area it is likely to begin is at pick 28 when New England trades out of that pick. Buffalo sits in a decent spot to pick out who they want from the available prospects. If Buffalo does not pick one here or at number three they should pass on the remaining prospects. This pick for me really came down to Christian Ponder or Colin Kaepernick.  The upside of Colin combined with no injury issues swung this pick in his favor. Colin has an arm strong enough to throw a football though a car wash and it wouldn't get wet. So  having an arm strong enough to make all the NFL throws is a given. He has the mobility to keep an opposing defense honest. His progression from a run first quarterback to more of pass first quarterback is a good sign of how he should develop at the next level. I believe he will if given time in the NFL develop a Aaron Rodger Esq. type of mobility. Where he will be a passer but if things break down he can just go  get the touchdown himself. He has no red flags that I can find myself. He has all the physical ability to play in the NFL and the intangibles seem to be there.  I could easily get behind Colin as a potential future franchise quarterback for buffalo.

Round 3 pick 68- Marcus Gilbert OT , Florida Height: 6-6 Weight: 329

 This is where things become hard to put a guy to the bills. If there is a guy like Marcus Gannon of TCU available I would take him over Gilbert. Interesting thing about Gilbert is he protected tebow's blindside while tebow was in town. Tebow is left handed. Gilbert could come in and compete for the starting right tackle spot in buffalo. He improved his technique from where it was in the 2009 season.  He lacks the range to play left tackle but has the size to be a right tackle in the NFL. He is solid in pass blocking and good enough against the run to warrant a possible start at the next level.


Round 4 pick 100- Kelvin Sheppard ILB, LSU Height: 6-2 Weight: 250

Buffalo wants to get bigger at inside line backer. There are not allot of great prospects out there for the bills to choose from this year. Kelvin Sheppard  has the size and speed that the bills would be looking for. He lacks the great instincts that a guy like Casey Matthews would bring to the table. Kelvin makes up for that by being very good at locating the football. He has no problem getting there once he finds it due to his excellent athleticism. Kelvin Sheppard could definitely  has the chance  to become the best ILB in the 2011 draft.

Round 4 pick 122- Rashad Carmichael CB,  Virginia Tech Height: 5-10 Weight: 185

Rahsad ran a 4.43 40 at his pro day.  He is a willing tackler and does not shy away from a big hit. He has acceleration and second gear that allows him to catch up to a receiver who may have gained separation.  He could come in and provide completion for a nickel corner spot in buffalo. If given a couple of seasons he could become a consistent starter in a zone scheme at the next level.

Round 5 pick 133-  Shiloh Keo SS, Idaho  Height: 5-11 Weight: 219

Shiloh is a pure football player. He is not going to blow you away with his straight line speed or his 3 cone drill.  He is the type of guy who is going to do things well on the football field.  He  will never be the greatest  guy in one on one coverage. He is going to be great against the run is more of a traditional in the box type of safety.

Round 6 pick 169-  Wesley Saunders TE, South Carolina Height: 6-5 Weight: 270

Buffalo picked a potential offensive weapon last year in Marcus Easley. This year’s pick by buffalo that has limited exposure but has the possibility to be a mismatch terror for defensive coordinators is this guy.  He uses his size to his advantage in the passing game by walling off defenders and seeming to always make the play when he was targeted. Hopefully there is some form of regular offseason because this guy could definitely benefit from having one. Tight ends usually only get better in the NFL than in college. This is because in college there is no Te coach. You would be working with the receiver coach or the offensive line coach.

Round 7 pick 205-  Doug Houge OLB Syracuse, Height: 6-2  Weight: 235

This kid is a former running back. He has become a very decent tackler and has just scratched the surface of his pontetial. This is a potential diamond in the rough selection for buffalo.  He would greatly benefit from good coaching to guide him on the path to unlocking his potential at the next level.

Round 7 pick 244-  Kyle  Hix OT, Texas Heigentht:6-7 Weight:325

He passes the eyeball test like just about any Texas offensive line prospect. He is most likely to end up on the practice squad for buffalo. The size is there but he will probably always be a backup tackle in the NFL. 

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