More On Patrick Peterson From His College Bloggers

With two bloggers sharing their thoughts on LSU CB Patrick Peterson there were tons of stories and information. As such I broke it into the main post and then this fanpost. Here's the rest of the thoughts from the guys at And The Valley Shook.

How will LSU fans will remember Peterson?

He is this generation's Billy Cannon, minus the Heisman and the criminal record. He's going to be the guy I tell my children that I saw play. Glen Dorsey won more awards, and a national title, but you'd be hard pressed to find an LSU fan who would seriously argue Dorsey was the better player. Patrick Peterson is the best player, in any sport, to attend LSU since Shaq. - Stephen Baker

He's one of the best players in school history by any measure, and he'll be remembered as a star that delivered on his promise, almost every time. He was a star player from out of state who came to campus, fell in love with LSU and left here with an even greater affection for it. And that's just a great thing to see in my opinion. - Billy Gomila

On Peterson's impact:

He completely changed how opposing offenses had to attack the LSU defense the last two seasons. And in 2010 he became one of the scariest return men I've seen at LSU. Honestly without the field position he kept the Tiger offense in, I'm fairly sure the team couldn't have won 11 games. - Gomila

What is your favorite story or memory of Peterson?

His last play in Tiger Stadium was a game-sealing interception against Ole Miss. The last time memory we will have of Peterson in a home game is a game-winning play against a hated rival. How absolutely perfect is that? Most careers don't end on a pitch perfect moment, but Peterson's did. - Baker

The one thing I'll always remember was how the guy ran, whether it was on a defensive play or return. He's one of the smoothest runners I've ever seen on a football field, with an acceleration I would compare to an Italian sports car. The guy just takes off and suddenly he's out in front of everybody. On one of his longer punt returns this year he cleared one guy and it was almost immediately clear he was gone. That's something I never get tired of watching.

One of my favorite stories of him in coverage came in a late-season non-conference matchup with ULM. And while yeah, that was a cupcake game, it was a testament to how good Peterson was that on the one pass thrown his way was intercepted and returned a good 60 yards or so. And I can remember watching ULM's quarterback let the ball go and immediately saying "that's...a bad decision," because it was Peterson was going to go up and take the ball away long before it arrived. - Gomila

How do you think he will fare in the NFL?

The sky is the limit. He's a 220 pound corner who runs a 4.3 40. That's some pretty impressive measurables. Most fast guys don't possess his size, and Peterson loves to lay wood as well. Peterson is one of those guys who could potential redefine the position. He's that good.

Now, I hate to predict that's how good he will be, so let's step down our expectations to quality cover corner. If I had to compare him to a player in the NFL, I wouldn't compare him to a corner, I'd compare him to Terrell Owens. Well, Owens minus the drama. So imagine TO playing cornerback, and that's pretty much Peterson. - Baker

Barring injury, of course, I would say the floor would be a solid pro, with the ceiling an all-pro superstar. And even if something doesn't work out at corner, he could be one heck of a safety with his size and ball-hawking skills. I could see his career going a lot like Rod Woodson's, who was a dynamic corner and return man for years and later became an excellent safety once he began to lose a step with age/injuries. - Gomila

Anything else you'd like to add?

Draft him or you'll regret it. Well, that and we at ATVS have always called Peterson, Zod. This is because he is not a superhero, but he is instead a super-villain, capable of taking out Superman himself. If the Bills do draft Zod, please keep the goody nickname tradition up. - Baker

Kneel before Zod. That is all. - Gomila

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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