I must be missing something about this guy.

This a post having to do all with jake locker. I see alot of people that seem to think he will be a great quaterback in the nfl. I have yet to be convince in any way or form by any one. That includes people who have high opinions on him like mike mayock. Who has him rated as his 2nd best quarterback prospect. 

Stats Overview Passing
2007 155 328 2062 47.3 6.29 98 14 15 17 105.01
2008 50 93 512 53.8 5.51 48 1 0 10 103.55
2009 230 395 2800 58.2 7.09 51 21 11 28 129.75
2010 184 332 2265 55.4 6.82 80 17 9 19 124.20


According to those stats in his four years of college he never completed more than 58% of his passes.  If you take all four of his years togethor he drops down to 53%. Ok I know completion percentage is not everything ,but he tends to have a very low percentage which is worisome. One of the biggest defenses of him is that he had bad recievers in college they dropped alot of balls. He was not surround by talent. In the senior bowl he was surrounded by the most talented senior recievers the north had to offer. They can  catch passes I am sure of that. He had a forgetable performance in the game.  He did not accomlish much and still had poor accuarcy. These are the offivla stats for that game passing wise.

PASSING  Cmp-Att-Int  Yds  TD  Long  Sack 
Ricky Stanzi   7-12-0  87  27 
Jake Locker   6-10-0  98  34 
Colin Kaepernick  4-9-1  53  23 
Totals...  17-31-1  238  34 

We also know he got mixed reviews at practice. Which are what the senior bowl are really about for coaches , gms, and scouts. A few people talked about how he got better but that is expected as the week goes on.  Their are many that saw balls thrown to high that had to be jumped for or waited on because of really bad timing.  He did not seem to help himself at all via the senior bowl either. Russ Lande even talked to a coach who had this tos ay about his senior bow week.

I know I spoke to a coach today to get his opinion and he said if a guy’s mechanics are good and he’s smart enough, but his accuracy stinks then there’s not a lot you can do. You’re pretty much saying that you’re always going to have an inaccurate thrower. And if you can’t be accurate you cannot be a quarterback in the N.F.L. I think Locker hurt himself a lot this week.

On the biggest stage he got to in his four years from  what my research can find he also leaves something to be desired. The game was won not due to  passing the ball at all. The game was won  with his feet and the feet of his running back.

2010 Postseason Game Log Passing Rushing
BRIDGEPOINT EDUCATION HOLIDAY BOWL Nebraska W 19-7 5 16 56 31.3 26 0 0 60.65 13 83 6.4 25 1
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I see alot of talk about his intagibles that people seem to see in him. I for one do not see them.  I also seem to think people like to think gailey could fix anyone no matter what his problems are. That my friends is not true.  I see a kid who has some things going for him. Yet he has some pretty bad things going against him. He has horrible accuary  from inside the pocket.  He has bad decision  making skills while on the field. He does not seem to have what gailey says is most important in a qb  "It’s decision making and accuracy. Decision making comes from being able to decipher all that information that’s going on on offense and defense in 2.3 seconds. You can’t have a meeting with a guy to determine that. You have to kind of get a feel for it to see if you think a guy can do that." I for one do not see those two traits in locker. I am welcome to hear what anyone has to say but what is all the hype about.. I personaly do not believe he would of been the number one pick last year let alone a 1 st rounder. I see nothing that makes him that valuable. So what do you all have to say on this matter.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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